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Weekly blog about holiday rentals and B&B Termas-da-Azenha, in an old spa resort in the Coimbra district. Only 12 km from the coast as the crow flies.

João the Donkey

We are at the end of the road, dear friend. Your time has come, I believe, because after 4 days you cannot even lift your head to drink. And you’re too heavy, I can’t lift it up too. I’ll miss you. When I came to get you, a long time ago, you were with a …

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Chicken shelter

I’m in the car with my sister. She drives quite fast in the city traffic, and I’m not used to traffic like that anymore. With us in the country, sometimes a car passes by, but it’s been years since I’ve been stuck in traffic. Maybe even 20 years. In the Netherlands, it is a little …

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JC was here

In my half-sleep, I hear a car start. I recognize the engine, but I’m still busy trying to prevent a baby from falling. The baby is pregnant, so it certainly may not fall! In addition, I’m at the edge of a very deep swimming pool, so it’s all very exciting. Rental cars all have the …

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Lucky bastard

Ooooo, why things always happen at the same time? You can be bored for an hour, and suddenly there are the expected guests, someone wants to rent towels anyway, someone else who wants an information, someone comes up with some questions and another one wants to settle the bill and leave. Plus an UNexpected guest. …

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There are many people who leave things behind. Usually these are things like olive oil, salt & pepper, open bags of pasta, milk, cheese, a few eggs … “It’s a pity to throw away,” they say, “and you can still use it, can’t you? Otherwise you have to discard it.” I wholeheartedly agree with them, …

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