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Weekly blog about holiday rentals and B&B Termas-da-Azenha, in an old spa resort in the Coimbra district. Only 12 km from the coast as the crow flies.

Sexist on Facebook

Well, I’ll just confess: I’m a sexist. And maybe also a racist. Yeah, well. It’s like that. I can’t get out of it. How so, that I have to confess that now, do you ask? I am confronted. Facebook is the big culprit; through all friend requests on the Facebook page . As a company, …

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They return voluntarily

“I think portuguese sounds so good,” says Tim cheerfully as I try to avoid a few dogs scurrying along the road, “I don’t understand a word of it, but it sounds good, and that gives me a great holiday feeling.” He continues: “I first heard it from my aunt’s friend, she met them in Brazil …

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From dream to reality

Secretly, deep in my heart, I think we are becoming a unique destination. Not the most luxurious, the most beautiful location, the most beautiful view, but absolutely unique. This is of course due to the water and the mosaics. And the overarching theme: fairy tales Sometimes things simply fall into place. Did you know that? …

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Game field

We are very excited about making the playground! I can already see it: a few teenagers playing volleyball with the accompanying cheering; a father who shows his daughter how to golf; Broes teaching someone how to handle a bow and arrow. And behind that, a few children are busy building a hut and dressing it …

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Beach coaching for women

The beach coaching50plus women are on the app. They’re enthusiastic and young (at least in my 56+ eyes). They want to talk about when we’re going to do the massages, the hours of the meals, what we’re going to eat, the best time for the mosaic workshop. Arranging the details. They have wishes. They have …

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