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Appartment Two is ready in spite of the rain

A whole molten glacier is coming down! And it is May! Have the weather gods gone crazy! If this is climate change, I'm not a fan. The blueberry is more of a swamp berry, but fortunately holds up bravely, even though it is right under the drainage point of the roof...

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If you say Portugal, you say music

Inspired by the link of my brother-in-law (see previous blog), I came across a few impressive musicians. Completely real, not that kind of plastic music, or worse: hip hop. You can't call hiphop music – sorry, my opinion The only song I ever liked was LLCoolJ's, and...

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Vegetable experiment

Do you know that Ikea experiment? They've put two plants at the entrance of a school. The one plant received nothing but insults, swear words and misery. The other got nothing but compliments and kind words. After 30 days, the difference was obvious. I've been talking...

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A white, a grey, or better a black car?

Cars are one of the most important things you must have in Portugal. You will be assessed on your car. Basically the same as everywhere. Don't you agree? By means of your car you show who you are I was in the Cooperativa (a shop for farm-stuff) where a talkative woman...

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Happy Easter in April

The title says it all: have a nice Easter weekend everyone, have a good rest - hopefully the weather will be nice for you. April has just started. An April-Easter is the best! The most beautiful month of the year. I wish I could also let you smell how this wisteria...

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An unexpected meeting in the Lidl

When I go in the Lidl in Figueira, I bump into an old acquaintance. "Olá olá Helena!" - but the masked woman doesn't immediately seem familiar to me. She quickly pulls down her mask when she sees me thinking. "Ah! Professora Ana Paula!”  I exclaim in surprise, because...

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Vegetable garden yoga

This week, when I go to bed, I see this: Then you go to sleep peacefully, or what? The next morning it's just as beautiful. All fields under water, that's good for the plants and bad for the pests such as langoustines and you name something else that eats up the young...

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And there we go again to the eye doctor for new glasses

If they happen to dig me up in a few hundred years, they are bound to break their heads over the two grooves in my skull. Just behind the ears. They'll probably call it eyeglass slots and explain to you what glasses are Because by then they can easily turn a few old...

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