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Termas da Azenha

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GPS: 40°4’52,6″ N     8°44’21,7″ W

Lat: 40.081510 Long: -8.739122

Canteiros – EM 621

By car

You have to pay toll for the Portuguese highway. There are two systems: one with get-a-card-at-the-start-and-pay-at-the-end; the other works with cameras on the highway – the Green Lane Toll Pay System. The last one is a bit more complicated. Better look at this site for an explanation. Here you can buy your pre-paid card as well. At the bottom of this very page we’ll explain the basics.

Lisbon – Termas da Azenha

Go to the highway direction Porto – the A1. Go on untill Pombal. Follow direction Louriçal. In Louriçal, follow direction Soure. After about 7 km you´ll see a sign to Vinha da Rainha, to the right. At that point you will see a Pastelaria “Almeidoce” with red sunscreens.

Follow the road through Casal de Almeida, Cabeça Carvalha, Formigal, Vinha da Rainha. Stay on the same road, it´s quite long, untill you get to a big roundabout. There you go left. Follow this road untill a small roundabout, at café “O Choupal”. There you go right. Follow this road through Pedrogão do Pranto, untill you arrive at the Termas da Azenha.

Don’t go right to Azenha! 

Just around the corner you will see a seperate building (yellow and blue) “Recepção” at the right side of the road.

Porto – Termas da Azenha

From Porto follow direction A1 – Lisbon. It is a paid highway, a portagem, see above.

Follow the A1 untill Coimbra, follow direction Condeixa. Follow this road (the N1) direction Lisbon untill a big yellow building at the left side of the road, after a gasstation on both sides of the road. Direction Soure to the right. At the next roundabout (very close) straight on.

Approaching Soure: a roundabout followed by at the right a school (three buildings with a fence around it), and another roundabout. Straight on untill a T. Follow the road over a viaduct to the right to the next T. There you go left untill the next T. There you go right.

Follow this road, untill you see our home made sign Termas da Azenha at the left side of the road. Go right there, as the sign indicates. At the end of this road you´ll pass a small roundabout, straight on. Follow the road untill a big roundabout, there you go right. Follow the road untill a small roundabout at the café “O Choupal”, go right. Follow the road through Pedrogão do Pranto untill the Termas da Azenha.

Don’t go right to Azenha!

Just around the corner you will see a seperate building (yellow and blue) “Recepção” at the right side of the road.

Paião – Termas da Azenha

We indicate the way from the centre of Paião – where you see a little square with (in order of appearance) the hotel “Residencial Elísio”, a gazebo, an appliances store, and the bank “Caixa Geral de Depósitos”. Go straight on, pass a small chapel, untill a bifurcation. Here you keep to the left (in spite of the signs that say “Soure” straight on) and you follow this road (with big winds and curves) to a T-junction. Here you go to the right. Follow this road for about 1 km to the Termas da Azenha.

Attention: on the other side of the valley you can already see the neonletters of “Hotel/Termas**** – this is the hotel of the former Termas do Bicanho. Don’t go left and up, but stay on the same road and drive for 500 metres more. Then you have arrived at the Termas da Azenha.

Fly & drive and children

It´s best to book your rental car together with the flight. There are many providers; of which Hertz is the most expensive/best, and Auto Jardim the cheapest/best. A search on the net can make a difference. To rent a special seat for children is quite expensive, from which provider whatsoever. A good solution can be an inflatable chair. Bubblebum makes good seats that comply with the European directives.

What is a Toll Card?

It’s a card that can be bought with pre-defined values for tolls payment for a given vehicle used exclusively on motorways without manual tolls payment and only for foreign license plate vehicles.

How does it work?

Go to www.tollcard.pt to get all the information.

How much does it cost?

The value of the card is aprox. €5, €10, €20 or €40, added of the admission fee of 0.60€+ VAT.

How long is the card valid?

The balance of the card is valid from 00:00 of the activation day until one year afterwards. If you use it or not.