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celebrate your holidays in an oasis somewhere between heaven and earth

About us, about me

Hello! How nice that you are here! I´d like to tell you something about us. I am Ellen, I was on the phone just now, but it´s ready, and your house is also ready for you. Did you have a good journey? Did you just fly in, or are you in Portugal for a while? Ah, yes, then I can imagine that you like to enjoy the quiet countryside, a city can be a lot to take in.

Is your little one afraid of the dog? Come here then, Donkeydog. She doesn´t do anything, she´s just enthousiastic …. but all dogowners say that of their dog, I suppose. Why she´s called like that? Well, she was a stray, and when she first came here, she stayed with the donkeys, and never got away from them since. I guess it felt safe for her, such big bodyguards.

I like to make mosaics, as you can see, and what I hear a lot: “In every corner you find something different.” People appreciate that, and we do as well. But it´s not about us.

It´s always nice to see, how the guests make their own mosaic during a workshop – while you all make use of the same material: pieces of tile, glue and grout. There are beautiful things amongst them. Everyone has a good time doing a workshop.

About us, about him

Ah, look, there´s Broes, my youngest son. Hi Broes, come and say hello. He´s not a talker, but he´s a sweetheart. O, yes, excuse me, I may not say that – sorry! If you need something, you can ask him as well. He speaks English perfectly, and Portuguese and Dutch. He grew up here, we live here since 2000. Quite a while, huh?

About us, about them

We work with volunteers, all year round, and that does wonders for the atmospere. All of them are highly motivated to have a good time, so we usually have a lot of fun. It means you could see scenes like these (depending on which time of the year you are here):

The nicest aspect of this all is when you will go home happy and rested – weather the stay was for 2 days or for 3 weeks. We don´t do everything for you, it´s not an all-inclusive, but we sure do everything in our power to create a free, informal and relaxed atmosphere. Everybody can do whatever he or she wants (always within the boundaries of civilization of course), so if you want to chat having a drink on the terrace, or during meals, or  if you prefer to stay private with your family – it´s fine. Holiday is the most important time of the year, you have to charge your battery!

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