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Termas-gowns are bathrobes to live in!

celebrate your holidays in an oasis somewhere between heaven and earth

Our bathrobes are made by a portuguese seemstress, Gina, who adores sewing and is very good at it too! Ellen, the owner of the Termas-da-Azenha and creative millipede, likes to choose special fabrics and models. The combination of both results in a strong team. If you want a house coat, bathrobe, dressing gown tailor made for you, contact us: info@termas-da-azenha.com.

We aim to make a unique housecoat, bathrobe, dressing gown for you – a piece of clothing that is so comfortable, that you will never buy another! A coat to live in, to work in, to relax in. We only hope to see you as a customer again, when your coat is completely worn-out.

For now: get to the wheel (of your mouse) and scroll down to get an idea of how they could look. Interested? Mail to: info@termas-da-azenha.com or whatsapp: +351 – 916 589 145. 

Green Glitter.jpg

“Green Glitter”, size M and S, bathrobes made of viscose and fleece lining. Together 120€. Size S 50€. Size M 70€. Plus shipping.


“Elegance”, size M and L. One of the bathrobes of breathing polyester (no ironing) and fleece lining. 80€ Plus shipping.

Shinning little flowers.jpg

“Shining little flowers”, size M. One bathrobe with and one without a hoodie. Breathing polyester (no ironing). Wearable on two sides. 60€ each plus shipping.

Coloured pixels.jpg

“Coloured pixels”, size M. Fabric of 2 layers, the inside is white. One of the bathrobes of breathing polyester (no ironing).  60€ plus shipping.

Orange vintage.jpg

“Orange vintage”, size S. Orange fabric is viscose, the lighter one cotton 80% with nylon 20%. A really unique piece. 60€ plus shipping.

We make unique pieces, that is to say: all these models are one of a kind, but they come in various sizes. So every unique piece comes in S, M and L.

If you want a housecoat, bathrobe, dressing gown tailor made for you, contact us: info@termas-da-azenha.com.

The models are shown by our greatly appreciated guests, who adored working with us in these shoots.

If you want to model: book a room and enjoy the experience. And if you want to try our bathrobes and housecoats in person, same thing: book a room and enjoy the experience. No obligation of course.

My sisters support this initiative in a way, that I thought it was appropriate to honor them in the company name: N.E.T. Enterprise.

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