Termas da Azenha

Holiday rentals in Portugal

The first and only Bed & Breakfast & Bathrobes in the world

All the things you can do & enjoy in our little holiday village

celebrate your holidays in an oasis somewhere between heaven and earth

free wifi

Holiday rentals and a B&B with good internet. Free wifi in the rooms, in the houses, at the pool, on the village square, and even on the first part of the campsite.

pool with a view

 The patio with the pools –  a separate pool for the little ones. Both are filled with the pure mineral water of the well.

mosaic of a heron and waterfall in Termas da Azenha-1.jpg

A few terraces with lots of mosaic around the pools. This is the Chessterrace. There’s the Fairy Tale Terrace, Alice in Wonderland and Elize and the 12 swans. All with a nice view over the fields as well.

dressing up in the Fancy Dressing Room is a lot of fun

 The Fancy Dressing Room – one of our unique especialities. A room full with glitter dresses, pirate costumes, high heels, hats, and more. Lots of fun, not only for children!

antique chess set and the tower of books

Dutch, english, portuguese books – you find the tower of books in the big room of the bathhouse.

big room of the bathhouse full of games

In the big room of the bathhouse you find pingpong, pool, foosball, the Fancy Dressing Room, boardgames, an antique chess set, books, the fitting room for the bathrobes, and a nice place to sit. Cool in summer, warm in winter.

playing children in the Pavillion on the village square


The Pavillion is a lovely shady place, where we put the Lego and the Duplo in summer. If there are lots of dinnerguests, we sometimes serve dinner (type buffet) there.

mosaic workshop outside

The 3 M’s: meals, mosaic workshops and massage

Mosaic workshop (on demand) – a day of learning and making your own work of art is superfun, and you take a beautiful present with you.

40€, materials included.

book a dinner with the whole family

The 3 M’s: meals, mosaic workshops and massage

In summer, we cook every day for our guests. You can book a nice meal on the day itself, but preferably before noon. There’s place for 12 people. You can indicate what you don’t and what you do want to eat. We do meat, vegetarian, vegan. Dinner means: main course, water, wine, dessert.

Adults: 10€, children till 6: 6€.

massage room The Cave

The 3 M’s: meals, mosaic workshops and massages

A massage is definitely the best way to relax completely on holiday! We do relaxing massage, sports massage and shiatsu.

It’s nice if you have a little bit of time. A massage takes 45 minutes to an hour, and costs 30€.

designing and making bathrobes and kimonos

We design & manufacture bathrobes and kimonos – a nice extension of our B&B. This is the third &B.  There designed by Ellen, chief of Termas-da-Azenha, and sewn by Gina, a portuguese professional seemstress. We make our Unique Pieces or the TwoSided Ones (wearable on both sides). You can order a tailor made one. Completely to your own wishes. From 60€.

sun dried laundry of the guests

 Last but not least: laundry. Even on holiday the chores continue. Laundry is one of them. No worries, put it all in a bag, and we’ll wash it for you.

Normal wash: 6,50 / we wash it & hang it: 9€ / we wash it, hang it, and fold it: 15€.

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