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Privacy and cookie statement

Company details
Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda.
Rua Joao Henriques Foja Oliveira 33
3130-434 Vinha da Rainha, Soure


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NIF: 504 508 270

1. Processing personal data
The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the requirements of the “General Data Protection Regulation”. A number of services and plug-ins are used for the website and the operation of the website (www.termas-da-azenha.com). Below is an explanation of the use of these services and plug-ins.

2. Cookies
Cookies are used for the best possible effect of this website. This statement first explains what cookies are. After that, it will be discussed which cookies are used and why.

What are cookies
A cookie is a file that is sent by a website (in this case www.termas-da-azenha.com) and placed by the browser on the hard disk of your computer. There is a cookie on the hard disk. When you visit the website the next time, the stored information, which is in the cookie, can be sent back to this website.

Google Analytics
Our website places cookies from Google. The information that Google receives from the cookie is analyzed. This information is anonymized as well as possible. Google will only share the obtained information with third parties if they are required to do so by law or if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google has not received permission from us to use information for other Google services. Google is an American company and stores the information it collects in US servers. For more information about the Google Analytics policy, see the Google website.

Social Media buttons
The various social media channels use code, with which they place cookies via the site. These social media channels collect information that they can obtain through the cookies. Read the privacy statements of the Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. social media channels used to know what they do with the collected information.

When you have registered for the blog of Termas-da-Azenha we want to let you know that we use the mailerservice of Mailerlite. They use cookies also for this. More information can be found in their privacy policy.

Special offers

We sometimes send a mailing via Mailchimp to our subscribers of the special offers. You have subscribed via Mailchimp, and therewith giving your permission. Mailchimp’s privacy policy can be found on their site. Meio Gordo Actividades Turísticas Lda. doesn’t use any data for other purposes than it is given for.

Switch off and remove
You can disable or delete cookies. For this you have to be at the settings of your browser. Are you stuck? Use that the help function of the browser.

3. Google Analytics
We would like to gain insight into the use of the website in order to be able to optimize it for use. For this purpose, Google Analytics sometimes is used. This service analyzes the data of website visitors. An IP address is not visible and can not be traced back to a person for us. Google Analytics also uses a policy that can be found online.

4. Social Media Channels
Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. uses various social media channels, namely: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. To make it as easy as possible for the customer, Meio Gordo makes Actividades Turisticas Lda. use of buttons, links and / or contact forms. These social media channels also collect information. To clarify what happens to the data, the privacy statement of the social media channels can provide a definite answer.

5. Privacy generally
Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. does not collect and process personal data. Personal data is only stored when it is provided to it by the customer, consciously.

6. Collected information
We store information for various reasons. Below you can read what information we keep and for you.

You get from Termas-da-Azenha only a blog if you have explicitly registered for it. Mailerlite or Mailchimp is used to distribute the newsletter. This means that your details (name and e-mail address) are also known to them. Do you want to unsubscribe? That is always possible.

7. Basis for processing personal data

Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda has to be used to store and use your data, and that has a basis. You can see this as a condition that is required to process data. The basis for us:

The data e-mail address and payment details are necessary for the execution of the agreement – for example the renting of a holiday house or a room.

For sending the blog you have given your own name and email address, with which you automatically granted permission to send the blog to the address mentioned. You can always withdraw this permission.

We have a legitimate interest in sending direct marketing to potential customers. With every form of direct marketing that will be sent, we will weigh up our marketing interests and the privacy damage of you.

With no name, address (es), e-mail address and payment details, Meio Gordo Actividades Turísticas Lda. can’t do her job. The moment you do not want to provide your personal details, we can not help you further. No agreement will be reached, which means that Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. can not provide any services. Do you want to rent a house or a room? Then you are obliged to give us  your details.

We have to provide the SEF in Portugal about your stay, with name, address, city, country and details of your identity papers. We will keep these data untill the check-out, and then throw them away. Your emailaddress is added to our addressbook on our workcomputer. If you want this to be deleted, you’ll have to tell us specifically.

You are not required to create an account or register for the blog. You are free here.

8. Sharing with others

Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. does not sell your information to third parties and will only provide / issue it if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement with you or to comply with a statutory duty.

9. How long we store data

Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. does not store your data longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the goals for which it has collected your data.

The data that are required are, after completion of the assignment, saved for the numbers years after the invoice has been paid in order to comply with the administrative obligations from the laws and regulations of Portugal.

The account you have created will remain as long as you want. This account will be deleted immediately if you want to delete the account. You can contact us for this: info@termas-da-azenha.com.

All other data, which are not stored for the statutory administration duty or the account, will be removed six months after the conclusion of the agreement.

When you unsubscribe from the blog, your data will be deleted immediately or after a maximum of 3 months.

10. Your rights

You have the right to correct the stored personal data, to have it removed, to minimize the data that is required and you have the right to object to the storage of the data. Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. does not, however, affect the use of data by social media channels. If you want to use one of the rights mentioned above or have a question, please contact us at info@termas-da-azenha.com.

11. Data security

Meio Gordo Actividades Turisticas Lda. takes the protection of your data seriously and therefore takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. If you feel that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of abuse, please contact us at info@termas-da-azenha.com.

12. Complaint

Do you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data? You can submit a complaint about this to the supervisor of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.