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A white, a grey, or better a black car?

Cars are one of the most important things you must have in Portugal. You will be assessed on your car. Basically the same as everywhere. Don't you agree? By means of your car you show who you are I was in the Cooperativa (a shop for farm-stuff) where a talkative woman...

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Happy Easter in April

The title says it all: have a nice Easter weekend everyone, have a good rest - hopefully the weather will be nice for you. April has just started. An April-Easter is the best! The most beautiful month of the year. I wish I could also let you smell how this wisteria...

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An unexpected meeting in the Lidl

When I go in the Lidl in Figueira, I bump into an old acquaintance. "Olá olá Helena!" - but the masked woman doesn't immediately seem familiar to me. She quickly pulls down her mask when she sees me thinking. "Ah! Professora Ana Paula!”  I exclaim in surprise, because...

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Vegetable garden yoga

This week, when I go to bed, I see this: Then you go to sleep peacefully, or what? The next morning it's just as beautiful. All fields under water, that's good for the plants and bad for the pests such as langoustines and you name something else that eats up the young...

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And there we go again to the eye doctor for new glasses

If they happen to dig me up in a few hundred years, they are bound to break their heads over the two grooves in my skull. Just behind the ears. They'll probably call it eyeglass slots and explain to you what glasses are Because by then they can easily turn a few old...

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I’m getting a baby over this!

My dad used to say that. "Oo-how-ooo" (skipping voice) I'm getting a baby over this!" if something didn't work out, bothered him or if something else didn't go as it should. He didn't really get a baby from it, of course My mother did the heavy lifting in that area....

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With the dog to the veterinarian

“We actually have quite a bit in common,” I pondered on the way home from the vet in Coimbra, “all three of us are old, not so beautiful, with a good heart and we just keep on going.” Back home from the third visit with the dog to the vet at the Hospital Veterinário...

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A Portophile organizing a Portugal Festival

Now, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only Portophile alive. Beg pardon – what's a Portophile, you ask? Simple, same thing as a Francophile but then for Portugal. Someone who appreciates the portuguese lifestyle, the language, the country, the traditions, the art,...

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Renting a car without a credit card – how do you do that?

The only lucky guy I know who can borrow a car from his friends while on vacation here is called Koos. (Sorry people, he's a dutch guy, so he has a dutch name … ) He once was a volunteer here, and to my surprise arrived with a car with a portuguese license plate - but...

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You can’t sleep a dent in air

I thought I was smart. After sleeping a dent in 4 mattresses in a few years, I got a bright idea. I thought. Turned out a bit differently than I expected ... I've been sleeping in the same bed for nearly 30 years - but not with the same mattress, of course The bed...

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