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Chicken fever and the 3 widows

"Well, if we'd known, we could have brought a chick from the market in Montemor!" one widow answers, and the other nods compassionately, “but you can also give her a bath, and she will cool down. They have a fever, isn't it, it's a fever ... ” I already thought that...

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Once upon a time …. but only in mosaic

If you've done as much with fairy tales as we have, you start looking at it differently. We have immortalized not only the most famous fairy tales or fairy tale themes in mosaic, but also the much less known ones. These are of course much more challenging to capture...

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Chickens don’t eat people

“Outch! Hey, take care, you! Chickens don't eat people, didn't you know that!" In response, she looks at me sharply, her head a little crooked to look up. The chickens consider me a cross between a super chicken with 3 heads and a giant worm. That insight suddenly...

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Romance, sports and photography mixed together

Nine years ago, he was here for the first time. As a volunteer. At that time we were still busy renovating, mosaicing and improving our village, and Sebastiaan certainly participated with enthusiasm! And he photographed everything. It was a nice group of volunteers...

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Just like the 2004 semifinal football

This is even worse than back then with the football championship. The semifinal was between Portugal and the Netherlands. We sat in a cafe in Costa de Lavos, full of Portuguese people, all of whom were for Portugal. Of course. I don't have much experience with...

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Green is great, but abundance can be a challenge

Abundance in the veggie garden We have a lot of leafy cabbage in the garden. And chard - I don't even know what it's called in Dutch nor in Portuguese. Broes gains his knowledge from English sites. Of course the obligatory zucchini, which is very blasé, and is pooping...

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A coming farewell, but first: surfing!

Romy's birthday. One of "the girls". For the happy occasion the girls asked everyone to go to the beach to join a surf class. It'll be the first surf lesson for everyone, so everyone is thrilled! Figueira da Foz is said to be one of the best places in Europe to surf,...

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Long-term rental without interns

, Yes, that's just another cold shower, isn't it? The three interns who're scheduled to come in September don't know yet, but today the university announces that it will suspend all internships abroad for the first semester of the next school year. This means that the...

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Portuguese food at the neighbors’

Or at home - because son Broes is cooking a lot nowadays! Everything is dragged from the garden into the kitchen - especially a lot of zucchini, of course, because somehow zucchini plants always do well. But the peas, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkin, corn, bell...

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