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A coming farewell, but first: surfing!

Romy's birthday. One of "the girls". For the happy occasion the girls asked everyone to go to the beach to join a surf class. It'll be the first surf lesson for everyone, so everyone is thrilled! Figueira da Foz is said to be one of the best places in Europe to surf,...

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Long-term rental without interns

, Yes, that's just another cold shower, isn't it? The three interns who're scheduled to come in September don't know yet, but today the university announces that it will suspend all internships abroad for the first semester of the next school year. This means that the...

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Portuguese food at the neighbors’

Or at home - because son Broes is cooking a lot nowadays! Everything is dragged from the garden into the kitchen - especially a lot of zucchini, of course, because somehow zucchini plants always do well. But the peas, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkin, corn, bell...

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From the dentist on a bike

I don't think I'm Tour de France material, but it was not bad. Pain in my bum, yes. And pain in my head. From the sun. And clasped hands from squeezing all the time. 10 kilometers in 45 minutes approximately. And then I certainly got off 5 times to take a photo, so...

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Tribute to a future ex-expat

Too old. Suddenly you're too old. Strange, because it doesn't feel that way inside. And if you trained yourself (like me) to keep the looking-in-the-mirror to an absolute minimum, ditto for taking selfies- that's a shock! There are many advantages to being old Many...

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Escape room in Portugal – cinematographist or Gardener

Frank Gardener is here since the beginning of March. Stranded because of the C-risis. He could go home but he bought a property here, to start a new life on a new farm. One point in favour of staying in Portugal, secondly: if you go back to South Africa, you have to...

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Face mask production: the masquerade continues in our B&B&B

(when God closes a door, she opens a window) Thirty eight face masks. That's quite a lot Cut 38 pieces of fabric, lock them over, sew 2 seams, iron the folds, pin the elastic bands, sewing it all, turn over, stitch 2 pieces on the top, done. Next! I'm used to this...

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Using chicken power according to Cruyffian logic

It's April. It's spring - but you had already noticed that. There is reasonable weather in the north, like here, so if you have a little farmer's wisdom, you know that it's time for the vegetable garden. We're busy with that, with that vegetable garden. What the hell...

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Forensic studies: the mystery of the weaselmeerkat

"Hey, there you are again!" I greet the girls as I turn my office chair in their direction, "thankfully, a change from all that sitting behind the computer!" The interns Forensic Studies are less impressed than I am by the change in everyday life They're young and...

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