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Escape room in Portugal – cinematographist or Gardener

Frank Gardener is here since the beginning of March. Stranded because of the C-risis. He could go home but he bought a property here, to start a new life on a new farm. One point in favour of staying in Portugal, secondly: if you go back to South Africa, you have to go in quarantine in a place you’ll certainly catch the virus.

According to Frank.

So. Yes. Better stay, but it was not so easy to find a place. The previous one was a mess, dark & unhospitable.

Certainly a room you want to escape from


Here, he has a room that’s well taken care of, designed with love, and a great view over the fields

What do you want more, as a future farmer? Not that his life was boring up till now – he was cinematographist and travelled all over the world to shoot films.

We came across the subject whilst having a social gathering – we can do that, once in a while, because we have the space! I was wondering which films he made but I didn’t know even one. I’m not into action films – never saw films like Terminator, or Iron Man or Rocky, and Resident Evil or The Dark Tower are not titles that speak to my imagination.blog_cinematographist-Gardener

Don’t know why he was that modest about the type of films

He also worked with documentaries about Winnie Mandela, and about Sudanese kid soldiers. (Son Broes showed me the IMDb-site; everything you want to know about cinematography is there. New for me.)

Anyway, we have a good time, frprom time to time, with a various group of residentsblog_cameraman-tuinman

I write residents, because nobody can go home or continue travelling. Well, that is – you can go home, but then you’ll be quarantined in a special designed place for that. So, it’s with strangers, you can’t be at home, and they’ll charge you for it.

Now that things slowly are opening up, it’ll be better hopefully, but travelling will be a challenge for a while. Even go out of your concelho still is not wanted.

Well – there’s always a silver lining

For us: we’re not alone here, and for Frank: he can work on his future on the farm.

Great career change.

How could you choose better to work with plants and trees if your name is Gardener?


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