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Visit of a renown sculptor

I had already spoken to her on the phone about how to get there. “Can you please send that description by email and on the phone, because we are not very good with computers,” and of course that is possible. “I will send you the link in the confirmation email,” I answer, but no, that is not such a good idea. “Then I don’t know how to click through.”

How could I know I dealt with a renown sculptor

Artists are famous for being not very practical. Or I’d better use the past tense, because so to hear this is not a young couple. No problem, I just copy-paste it into the email. Not everyone is equally adept at using the computer. I never get young people on the phone anymore, they’ll figure it out themselves.

I’m not very good with the phone myself. Computer works fine, but phone and me have a complicated relationship. The computer and I get along just fine; I prefer it to the tiny keyboard of a phone.

On the day of the reservation they arrive mid-afternoon. An older couple. He is a bit grumpy, because that description was wrong, according to him. Fortunately, he is only a little bit grumpy, and she is not impressed by that at all. “It is of course well-known that men are not stubborn,” she says with a twinkle in her eye and a gesture towards her husband, “but in the end we asked here and there.”

“And luckily women are very good at talking,” he says, and makes a face at me, which soon makes all three of us laugh. A good marriage, I think to myself, if you can tease each other like that, then everythings’s fine.

“We have also driven around Brazil in the past, and if you get lost there, you are driving 180 kilometers in the wrong direction,” she says cheerfully. I show the room, with the garden where the dog is allowed, and the adjacent living room and kitchen. They like it very much, they really like the mosaics and the garden is nice.

“Your dog will probably appreciate that” and I get a whole story about how it is a comfort dog, and officially too. I am shown the papers with the doctor’s official statement, the relevant law, and where those dogs are allowed to be. Also on the beach, for example.

Normally dogs are prohibited on public transport, on the beach, and of course in shops, but comfort dogs are allowed everywhere

Fun fact, although dogs are usually welcome here – I just keep an eye on the number. For example, if several campers want to come with a dog, that may be too much of a good thing, because no one appreciates constant barking.

The next day when saying goodbye, I ask if I can take a photo and explain that I want to use it for my blog. And then I discover another fun fact: João Iglesias is a sculptor, and has created a number of beautiful works, including large statues on roundabouts in Faro and Portimão. The card shows a beautiful work, which perhaps depicts their good marriage. It looks a lot like this one (bronze figures) but I liked this one even more.

Because, another fun fact, it was a gift for their 55th wedding anniversary!

Congratulations on your loving marriage, and thank you for letting me enjoy it with you.


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