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Beach coaching for women

The beach coaching50plus women are on the app. They’re enthusiastic and young (at least in my 56+ eyes). They want to talk about when we’re going to do the massages, the hours of the meals, what we’re going to eat, the best time for the mosaic workshop. Arranging the details.

They have wishes. They have requirements. They demand quality and care, because they’re used to that.



I try whatsapp video, and as a woman of 50 plus I am not (yet) very skilled at that

Meanwhile, I am looking at the photo of one of them.

A true woman. A woman with a vest, and boots almost to the knee, and visible lingerie under her little dress. Not sexy or challenging, more nonchalant and self-assured. I think she’s in her mid-thirties.

This is one of the coaches of the group “Women of 50 plus? What tot do with your life?”

I’m curious what is going to happen. My thoughts in advance: encouraging women to keep on participating with the rest, not giving up, learning how to get things done. What do you want to achieve in your career? And how do you manage that? Stand up for yourself! How do you do that in a way that makes you feel good, fulfilled and self-assured?

Come on! Join! It’s fun! Keep moving, literally and figuratively

Yes, of course, but don’t forget the natural course of things. Women – people, because with men it is exactly the same – slow down for a reason. You become milder with age, you know so much more, you see so much more. Ever so often you could save younger people for missteps, if not that you realize that they need it – because you learn from your mistakes.

You can see your own mistakes. Judge them for what they are. Forgive yourself, and others in the process. We are all just people …

That sometimes makes you more modest.

That open, warm, great wisdom, worth more than gold. The warmth of a grandmother (and a grandfather). The wisdom that can listen to the tears of youth. The greatness that realizes that the greatest things are more in small things than in concurring the Matterhorn or flying to Mars.

But the 50plus women beach coaches are also right

Standing still is deadly. What every person lives for is progress, no matter how small. Growth and contributing something to the big picture – no matter how “bad” a person is, that is always somewhere in a corner of his or her being.

I’m curious what’s going to happen

This is the first time they come here, with the intention that it will not be the last. This comes from both sides. They’re looking for a pleasant location that suits everyone as well as possible, I’m looking for nice groups that add beautiful things to the pleasant vibrations here in the Termas.

April 18th is the day. Four days of intensive human growth around me. Wow!

We’ll keep you posted!