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Game field

We are very excited about making the playground!

I can already see it: a few teenagers playing volleyball with the accompanying cheering; a father who shows his daughter how to golf; Broes teaching someone how to handle a bow and arrow.


And behind that, a few children are busy building a hut and dressing it with colorful cloths

If you go into it, there are so many nice things to do.

Doing games is a great way to connect. I noticed that families with pre-teenage children often play games. Last year they even spontaneously played pim-pam-pet, with the original old cards. And they had a lot of fun too!

That brought me ideas for expansion, more games and: the playground

The ping pong table has been a great success for years, just like the table football and the pool billiards. The changing room provides hours of fun, pain-in-your-belly-laughs and good photo moments, which you take home as a memory.

And now we’re expanding outside.

We already have the space. It had to be arranged differently, and that was the biggest work last winter. If we now control the reeds, we also have a playground with a grand view!

It is said that children no longer play enough, and parents have too little time and are tired

Playing outside, that is. It will matter – if you live in the middle of a big city, it will probably be more difficult than if you are somewhere in the countryside or in a residential area.

And yes, a job plus a family is top sport. Although I do have the idea that people get a bit more experience with that. That the tasks are better distributed, and as a whole after the first few years it’s not too bad.

In the holiday, things like that are often corrected. Then you have the time to hang around with each other, so you can easily go for an hour or so to play sjeu-boats or build huts.

And if you as a parent do not feel like it then you sit down on the side so you can keep an eye on them, but you can also browse a bit in the Volkskrant Magazine or something.

(I always liked to read a good book when my children were busy in the playground)

For children and teenagers it is great if you have the space to do things together.

Have you already practiced golfing? Hole in one!


Soon we will be working on the mini golf course.

There will be one very serious course for the real golfer, who wants to practice his / her swing and endgame. The rest is free. After months of study (= surfing the net) we came to the conclusion that you can do anything with mini golf. You have to know yourself what you do and how you do it.

Fine. That is exactly what we are going to do.

And then we immediately continue with more outdoor games where pipes, rings, balls, cones, hoops and circles are involved. Relax and play in your holiday, and you do not have to leave the house. Well, you have to walk to the playground behind the pool …