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Carnival and Valentine

Carnival and Valentine in one week. Even better: right after each other. If you went completely crazy during Carnival, you have to go romantic the next day – perhaps with a huge hangover. Oops.

In Lazarim they celebrate a special kind of carnival

In Lazarim – in the north between Vila Real and Viseu – Carnival is celebrated, in which the mask has special prominence, a very ancient tradition, with no written record or memory of its origins. It’s being considered the most genuine in Portugal. Friend Paula Pontes was present, and made this amazing photo series.

Known for its popular masks, carved from alder wood, the Entrudo de Lazarim is a unique representation of a tradition associated with rivalry between the sexes and some social criticism.

For dessert, something about Valentine

Also a special case, that Valentine. A Christian martyr from the third century, and patron saint of epileptics, beekeepers and young lovers. A special combination, you might say.

One of my favorite performers sings this great Valentine’s song. Enjoy it!


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