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Dark clouds above Termas-da-Azenha

We are doing well, thank you.

We’re doing the spring cleaning. Cleaning inside and out, throwing away, planting little flowery plants, pruning trees. Washing curtains. Cleaning walls with high pressure, paint, scratch, paste, mow.

“Yes! Broes (my son), they went out! Come on, we can go!” Of course, there are guests in the meantime, and nobody appreciates hearing a mower-motor early in the morning. At this time of year, they’re usually Portuguese guests, and they’re generally not up early.

That’s not so bad, because early in the morning you first have to listen quietly to the birds yourself, with your morning coffee, and anyway the grass is still too wet.


But now the grass is very wet: it is raining

All our plans are crumbling around us.

April has always been the rainy month. Aprrrrrrrrrrrril and Septemberrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, with the R from Rain.

That has changed, abolished, er … other policies, something with climate change or so.

But he’s back, baby! This is a wet April

Very funny: everyone who lives here is happy with it. Well, sort of. Nobody really likes rain of course. Everything gets messy, and you can’t do anything outside. Not even just to go outside, you first have to find your good shoes and your umbrella.

So we are all a bit ambivalent about it. Glad that it’s raining, because it was too dry for a long time, but yeah … it’s raining …

Yet it is beautiful, those threatening dark skies. “Intelligent people adapt to the circumstances” – I read somewhere, and I try to be intelligent with all my might. Doesn’t always work, because it has now been going on for almost 2 weeks.

Two weeks of being intelligent all the time is a bit too much to ask of a person, if you ask me

I’m going to light a candle for the weather gods, if they’ll just want to turn that climate change the other way again. Preferably towards the 20th of April please? Direction sun and warmth, please, thank you!

Are you joining me, and will you light a candle too?