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Digital photography

Every month, I’m writing a blog on a dutch portal about Portugal, about how it all started here in the Termas-da-Azenha. Nice, all those memories. It was as if we were pioneers, and in fact we were. TV-series like “Wanted down under” hadn’t started yet, and we were with just a few foreigners spread all over the country. With a small concentration of expats in Lisbon, and pensionados in the Algarve.

Much has happened in those 17 years

In order to make the memories flow a bit, I dive into the pictures. Now it was about 2004 that digital photography conquered the world. Before that, we all took photos with film, which needed to be developed. I never was such a photographer, there was always a thumb, or the rope of the camera on the photo, or they were unsharp – all things that do not really stimulate to develop your talents.
Printing photos was also quite expensive here in Portugal, back home it was much cheaper.

So I don’t have so many pictures of our start-up. Only when digital photography became popular, you got these huge amounts of photos.

I often received c.d.’s or pendrives from guests and volunteers. And sometimes even a book.
A cd is fun, but a photo book is much more fun!
You can just browse without having to turn on your computer, put the cd or the pen in, endlessly click before you’re there …. and then you can see only one photo at a time.

A photobook is a treasure forever


There have been two people who have been so kind and sweet to make such a book for us, and present it as a surprise. It’s been a while, but again: thank you so much, Bart, Alex!

Certainly when you reach my age – 55 already – you get a little nostalgic. And, as mentioned, it is now also very helpful for me to get to these nice events in the past. Things you normally never think about anymore, but who come back up with that picture.

It gave me an idea

There is a lot of clicking going on on all those phones. Certainly on special occasions, as a holiday normally is. And who has the discipline to put all those pictures in a folder after the holidays? With names and everything?

This is a rhetorical question. And if you do, do you ever look at it? Another rhetorical question. You throw it in the cloud, or on your computer, and then your daily life rules again. No chance you take a look at your holiday memories – no time to click yourself all the way there.

I will make a holiday book for you

All pictures – or a selection of them – and some anecdotes in a beautiful memory book. You can record some “notes” on your phone. See the instructions for an app here.

From that material – your recordings and your pictures – I make an awesome Holiday Memory Book!

No more clutter in your computer, not necessary to expand your cloud, your phone stays fast, and not only you have the excitement of the anticipation and the holiday itself, but also the fun afterwards. And you can show it a lot easier to your friends and family.

One click and you know everything!