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Exercise in mindfulness

If you think too much about the future, you become unhappy. Says science.

Unhappy, restless, maybe even anxious.

(Except if you are in love of course, because then there’s nothing more fun than thinking about the future and how you’ll be warm and intimate again not long from now)

Unfortunately, I’m not in love, so I shouldn’t think about the future too much.

So I’m practising mindfulness

Hey, it’s hip. Isn’t it? Or is it already passé?

(I can not keep up with things like this. Here in the country, life just goes on without taking into account any kind of fashion)

Good. There we go, being mindful

I’m putting on my socks. Get rid of some grass sprouts, because I just mowed the lawn. The orchard is neat again, I just have to finish the edges. Oops! Can I think that now? That’s past time ánd the near future …. hey, back to the present, you!

Okay, grass sprouts off and then …. put on sock, put on other sock … put on one boot, put on the other boot ….

I have at least that! Socks and boots! And I can put them on as well! That could be different at my age!

Because that’s the other thing, that helps you to stay content, calm and kind:

be grateful for what you have. Now, I have a lot. A whole village to start with, and then some more.

Two beautiful big smart sons … a new phone …. already a lot of bookings for the summer …

I should overflow with gratitude

(I do, too, but there’s also that other side, that you always have to clean and paint, and wash and repair and mow, and the worries you can have about your children, and the phone that has a very sensitive personality so it seems, and there might be some more bookings at the beginning of July …. so … oh, stop right there, I was busy with my socks and my boots!)

Boots are on. You may think of your plans for the day, I hope? Otherwise, it will be a little mindful-point-less, what you’re doing.

It is a short walk to the orchard. I’m coming past the FairyTaleTerrace: …. that swing couch has to be gone, it’s going to rain tonight, and we should sweep the floor again …. halt, stop right there!

You’re walking. Walk, walk, walk, walk ….

Along the tile workshop: …. the image of a ruin in the evening light with ghosts and shrubs at a campfire is coming on …. a new mosaic … I have a beautiful blue tile that really should be in that picture … halt, stop right there!

Walk, walk, walk, walk …


Difficult, mindfulness!

Meditating has been good for years, every morning half an hour, but this doesn’t make me tick.

I’m a different type of person, I believe. If you see me sweeping, that means I’m thinking about something. I like to think about things. I still find the motto of a good friend of mine the best: “You always carry your most beautiful toy with you” – and that means, of course, your mind.

Not really my thing, mindfulness. My mind is too full, I’m afraid ….