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Expectations for 2020, with special offer

You have to admit, it’s a nice number. I don’t know if I’m the only one who is (always) pleasantly surprised when I look at the clock and it’s 11:11, if the Bitcoin is at 9,999.99, or if I have to pay 33.33 in the supermarket?

Surprised by numbers.

I don’t think I’m the only one, because a lot of people married on 8.8.’88 and will probably do so again on 02.02.2020. And in honor of this fun number year, we offer you something special (but then you have to read through to the end!)

Go on reading, we not only have a motto but also a special offer for 2020!

Usually a year gets a name afterwards. To name some, we have “The Golden Summer”, the “Crisis Year” (2013 of course, I have to mention it) and the last one is called The calm summer that ended grand. Now 2020 doesn’t have a name already, but a motto – and it will have to live up to it:

“The quiet miracle of a normal life”

It seems that Bill Clinton once said that, indicating that he has more wisdom than you might think.

A normal life is not spectacular, not sizzlingsparklingcool, no reason for excited stories, but it is indeed a miracle. I hope it gives rise to such a scenario:

<< “Girl, helló! How do YOU do! Getting used to the regime again, isn’t it, awful don’t you think, the first day of school!”

Elizabeth looks up. She already recognized the voice with the golden edge. Well, it part of the deal. You just have to do it again. As always. Small talk with the other parents when you’re going to pick up your children. That’s a part of it.

“Hi, hello Francisca”, she replies softly, disturbed in her dreamy flow.

“Have you had a great summer too, like we did?” Francisca asks almost hysterically-happy but luckily restrained.

Elizabeth just nods. They only came home yesterday, they didn’t want to go home. Unanimous, all four of them. They wanted to stay in dreamland. Portugal. Forever. But well … life … but it’s still completely there, that peace, the relaxation, the cosiness.


“We have been to Italy, we’ve explored the whole country!” Francisca shouts, but fortunately in a civilized way, “we even arranged that we were allowed to go into a closed palazzo in Venice! I had some favors to ask in return … relationships that you can play … through the Ministry!”

She laughs smugly.

“Ah! There they are. Well, have to run! Nice to talk to you again, Elizabeth, we’ll make an appointment for a dinner party with us, okay? Come on guys, I’ve parked at a rotten spot – oops sorry, one for the swear jar! Come on, get moving, you hockey, and you drawing lessons, we only have half an hour to get through the city.”

Elizabeth turns to her daughter who walks toward her. She also has a dreamy look in her eyes, she thinks. Bollocks, Venice! (“Oops! Sorry! One for the swear jar!”) All of Italy – goodness, you get tired when you think about it.

While we … gosh, what have we done again? Oh yes, the climbing park on that beautiful spot in the dunes …. played with those beautiful green waves on the beach … and the water was wonderful … not cold at all. Sitting by the house … hanging in the hammock … nice with a book … even Sam has read a book! The children had such a great time together … That plank over the ditch at the end of the garden was a golden find … catching lobsters, studying fish … Diving into the pool to cool off … Nice neighbors, great evening that was We made a beauty of a mosaic, grandma loved it! Gosh, what have we done, actually?


Nothing special, but it was relaxing. That’s it. Relaxing. And that’s not so easy with a restless 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old adolescent girl!

The canoe trip was great … the restaurant in Coimbra on that lovely little square … it was just like we were back in time … the ride back to the house, without a wrong word … another glass in the moonlight , the kids already in bed … and the moonlit night after that when we again …. nice bed though … comfortable …

Gosh, nothing special really, but it was the best vacation ever. >>

In short, it is our good intention to infect all of you, future guests, with the “Quiet Miracle Virus”

How good you feel with that. How cozy that it is. How much anti-stress that yields. (You’re no longer in a hurry to achieve something. You’re already there.)

And how ab-so-lu-te-ly not spectacular that is, but instead perfectly normal.



The special offer for 2020 is: if you make a reservation before the 20th of the 2nd month, you will receive a 20% discount. This also applies to the May and summer holidays! Refer to this blog, if you send an email (info@termas-da-azenha.com), we will honor that immediately (if we have availability of course).