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Farewell to one family, arrival of the other

Stephanie and Paddy are searching. For houses. Affordable houses. This now seems to be a major problem in half of Europe, due to the significantly increased number of greedy landlords everywhere. In the meantime, they will stay here for a while and their family will come to visit them.

Visiting family is a celebration if there is enough space

Fortunately we have that. Not only in the houses and buildings, but also around us. Paddy’s parents are having a great time, and they are lucky with the weather. The weather is starting to look a bit like the housing market – nice weather seems to be scarce this spring.

They’re lucky this week with His Highness the Sun. And as true English, they like to be in His Presence, even though Sally, in particular, can’t tolerate that very well because of her red background.

English people are also called gingers, after their hair color. Blonde, red and red-blond people are more sensitive to the sun and should apply plenty of sunscreen, wear hats and stay in the shade.

Nevertheless, the family greatly appreciates that His Highness is so generous this week!

I was much less generous, because their family visit definitely had to end on the 10th

So, farewell to one family, and welcome the next.

Our family was supposed to arrive on the 10th, and that had been arranged months in advance. It has been a regular occurrence in spring for years: the Red Van and the camper come around April or May, to enjoy the portuguese spring, among other things.

The camper goes to the camping site, the Red Van stays next to the reception, and one of my sisters goes into a room. Enough camping along the way – you can overdo everything. They now know all too well that spring is not all sunny and mild, and that it can also rain.

Since I usually go to the Netherlands to visit family in March, the Red Van is usually packed with things that you can’t miss if you run a B&B. Practical things, such as new pans for the kitchens, but also nice things such as a gorgeious lamp or a nice piece of fabric.

Sister and I usually go to some thrift stores. Secondhand shopping is a lot of fun. If you make a bad purchase, you will lose at most a tenner. And you sometimes come across something special, a beautiful mirror for example. People from the network also want to contribute things.

This time a great gift: dark green tiles! Mosaic friend Astrid was just as fed up with it as I was – there should be dark green tiles. Point. There was nothing to be had around here. The portuguese always were completely crazy about colors, but now their houses are very boring inside and outside with gray, dark gray, black and white. Murals of mosaics need colors.

They’ll probably come to their senses again, just wait and see, but in the meantime we’are quite frustrated because of the mosaics

They also unload everything themselves, that unsurpassed family. The wardrobe has been donated, and the sofa that was on top of it is already ready to be transported further. And then there is an endless amount of books, crockery, cutlery, pans, curtains, a tap, a very handy corkscrew, a huge piggy bank for foster son João’s son… in short, we are busy processing everything for the time being.

Completely well planned, because His Highness the Sun does not want to show his face for a while.


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