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Finally! The mosaics in our holiday village are ready

The mosaics in our little holiday village tend to get out of hand

Why? The first phase of the entree of the bathhouse is finally ready. Four mosaics together – as a representation of what’s waiting for you in the rest of the village.


It started in October, and now two huge mosaics are finally ready

I had help of some experienced friends. That’s nice, because mosaic-making is something to be patient about, because it’s always a lot of work. Even though you’d already realized that it’s more work than you think, it’s still more work than you think.

Of course it’s not a day in, day out job. You don’t work on it for 8 hours straight every day. There are lots of other things to do (welcoming guests, for instance, cleaning here & there, sewing a kimono – to name some) but all in all I guess about half of this time is in there.

But words fail to express what you see. So let’s skip the rest of the story, and go directly to the pics. I proudly present to you – the making of “The Pond” and “A colourful sunset at the ocean”:


Searching for the right composition, the colours, the size of the pieces – sometimes it’s decisionmakingstress, but mostly it’s lovely to sit in the sun and puzzle.



Now it’s really nice to have help because this board is too big to turn around by myself.

blog_finally-the-mosaics-in-our-holiday-village-are-readyChecking if everything is okay before the most exciting part of this process.blog_finally-the-mosaics-in-our-holiday-village-are-ready.

… but I can glue it to the wall by myself.

blog_finally-the-mosaics-in-our-holiday-village-are-readyAnd now the sticky job begins ….

blog_finally-the-mosaics-in-our-holiday-village-are-ready… and goes on for ever …. in the most inelegant and uncomfortable positions imaginable. It takes time, and during that time you can make new plans. For another mosaic, for example. Like I did. My friend Astrid thought it was an excellent idea.


She’s a kindred spirit in this, unfortunately with a demanding job, so from time to time only a week of mosaicing. But in that week you can create half the sea …

We’re skipping some steps; the part of the air was glueing piece by piece on the spot. So yeah, how interesting is that? We’re happy with the result though.


The other delightful discovery was the wood. When a tree is sawn into planks, they throw away the first and the last one because one side is round. I love them! With a little bit of sanding and painting, you get great wallpaper. Wallpaper in raw form …


Best thing? It’s nice weather as well!

Well, come and have a look for yourself! We’re open from the 1st of March till the 31st of October.