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The nicest way to get the work done is with volunteers. People from all over the world, who stay for minimum 2 weeks, maximum half a year. There are all kinds of things to do, painting, building, gardening, cooking, cleaning, mosaicing.

Volunteers in winter

At the end of the season, in november, the maintenance and working on new plans start. Maintenance can be all kinds of things – sanding & painting, plastering & tiling, repairing mosquitonets, duvets, furniture and so on, and making big mosaics.

The last item is the most popular, but please realize that it is quite timeconsuming, and there´s more to it then putting the pieces in place. The surface needs to be prepared, and afterwards it has to be grouted. It a lot of fun when you like mosaicing! Try it or when you are experienced: join us!

Volunteers in summer

In summer, we need more people to help with the cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Entertaining means mostly: think of nice things to do for the children that are our guests. Things like: a treasurehunt, charades, reading to the little ones or doing games. Because we have a lot of dutchspeaking guests, we prefer dutchspeaking volunteers as well.

The exchange is 5 days a week, 2 days off,  for meals and stay. Your normal health insurance will do. Travel and personal expenses are for your own account.

Interested? Send a mail with a foto and some information about yourself, your age, your expertise, your fields of interests, and we will contact you right away. By the way, all ages are welcome, your motivation is the thing that counts!

You can find us on the following volunteers-sites: Wwoof, HelpX, Workaway and Joho.

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