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I was standing next to my bed at 6 o’clock      (like every morning in the summer)

Had breakfast with coffee and cake        (like I do every day – good Portuguese custom: o café de manhã com um bolo)

And then it was party time


Many dragons defeated this year (but as an entrepreneur and small self-employed person in the hospitality business that is fairly normal, so not worth mentioning)

defeated dragon on the blog

No frogs kissed (imagine it becoming a prince – will you have another problem … never mind, those frogs, there are way too many here in that valley anyway, the storks love that – and maybe that has something to do with each other, those kissed frogs turning into princes and storks bringing babies – or am I going too far?)

I’ll probably wake up like this tomorrow …. (thank you all for your messages, so sweet!)


Til next week!

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