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Forensic studies: the mystery of the weaselmeerkat

"Hey, there you are again!" I greet the girls as I turn my office chair in their direction, "thankfully, a change from all that sitting behind the computer!" The interns Forensic Studies are less impressed than I am by the change in everyday life They're young and...

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The portuguese way of dealing with the Corona-crisis

In Portugal it's actually going well with corona - if you can say it like this There are two reasons for this: the government announced measures early, and the population stayed home even before that. From their corner of the european continent, the portuguese saw the...

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Europe – aid from north to south

Gotspe How can you, as prime minister of a country in need, abandon other countries? How the minister of finance currently is lecturing other hard-hit countries! What a move to block hundreds of billions from the European emergency fund now. Hopefully you will be...

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A writer’s challenge during the lockdown

No guests - plenty of time to study a few things. What we're doing: knowing more about cryptos, writing, marketing, growing your own vegetables, enjoying beautiful fabrics for the kimonos. I came across a writer's challenge - from a copywriter Great, I want to learn...

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The world upside down

uʍop ǝpısdn pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ Togetherness - that is the predominant feeling here in our village. We are with twenty, and they all have a special name: the German family, another German family, an English couple, a Portuguese couple, the two students, Paul and the three of...

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Lisbon and blogger José Cabral

You can find everything on YouTube. And you often don't remember how you got there. Oh well, doesn't matter. This was a great documentary - I never watched a documentary about Lisbon for an hour. Usually that's a list of things you must have seen, or just boring. But...

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Amiable portuguese, but favourably not with corona

There. I thought I had it well under control. Everything perfectly planned. The new students would arrive mid-March. Mid March is on my calendar towards the 15th. Not so strange that I think: fine, then I can easily go to the Netherlands from 7 - 14 March. Cuddle with...

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Things caused by word-of-mouth recommendation

"The poorer the soil, the more diversity" says Ellen cheerfully. We have the same name, and we have more in common.  I get a master class in "What to do with a wild garden" - an unexpected development in an expected visit. A typical case of word of mouth...

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Spring cleaning and other details

You probably don't want to read a blog about spring cleaning, dear readers, but that's actually the only thing we're doing now This doesn't only apply to the accommodation; we're also going to get a new site! The site is being completely renovated. It turned out that...

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Moving to Portugal – how does that work?

Stephanie has the time until June 30 - Portugal has given all english emigrants a few months time to get their things in order. If that was the only thing you had to do, then it wasn't too bad! Unfortunately: there is a bit more to it, for emigrants who are moving to...

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