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31st of October – Halloween

This is actually old news. It's about the day of Halloween – as you know it, we call it "All Soul's Day" here. Sorry for that, dear readers, because this happened on October 31 – The Day of all souls. All Souls on the 31st of October - Halloween - already a week ago...

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The fly who loved me

I can't help it, when I'm cleaning a closet, and I see traces of fly droppings at the bottom, I think: “Oh gosh, that was one with a fear of heights.” There were seven brothers and sisters at the bottom to urge her: "Come on, you can do it! No! Don't look down, it'll...

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Autumn in Portugal

Not long ago we got new regular guests. They arrived with the caravan on a trailer just on the day that autumn decided to fall - and made an overwhelming entrance that day! Autumn had come in violently, but apparently that had been a joke, for it instantly turned into...

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Life is beautiful in the truck of the lumberyard

When I walk up the village-square-stairs with my half-eaten sandwich in one hand, and my glass in the other, my eye catches a lady standing with her back to me in Casa Oliveira's doorway, talking to the residents. I'm trying to squint to see more clearly. "Who is this...

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Wanted: a house to arrange in the Algarve

Paul is an old friend who pops by every now and then. We know each other from the renovation of one of the holiday homes where he has been of inestimable value. I always call him “Paulie” because during that renovation in 2013 he talked a lot about the movie “The...

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Summer in Brasil

They're going back. It's enough. If you are born in the tropics, then even Portugal is cold! They're going to Brasil. Back to the summer of Brasil For the carnaval of course, and for Christmas, visiting family and friends. It's going to be summer there now. And...

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Juggling is good for your brain

"Hi, bom dia”,  I say with a big smile because it's a glorious sunny day after a few days of rain, “How are you doing? I saw Molly go to the other side already ... I'm sorry but I forgot your name ...” “River, my name is River. River sticks.” “Ah, yes, that's...

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To camp in a caravan in the fall

Every year we have to wait and see when autumn will come. Will it be early October or late? It's also happened that they forgot - we were still wearing just a T-shirt in November. This year is clearly very different. The fall fell the day before yesterday That's crazy...

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What happens during a mosaic workshop

It's an activity for a day – to do a mosaic workshop. It's a calming, meditative activity, but you can also chat well. I had everything ready for the two unexpected guests who like to do a mosaic wqrkshop "I already know what I'm going to make," he said...

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Buying a used car in Portugal

Buying a used car is not easy We drove our little old Opel for years, but since the engine is ticking, it was time for another one. Hugo, son of another mother, warned that that ticking is some kind of a time bomb. Fábio, the newly discovered new garage owner, said...

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