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Portugal at the beginning of the end of an ice age

Latest news of this week: it is cold. During the day it goes well - from 11 o'clock and on it is fine. Bright blue sky, nice and warm in the sun, fine. Until about 5 o'clock, because then the sun starts to set, and it gets very cold. For us it is very cold. At night...

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A room with or without breakfast in and for August

The phone rings. A friend of Augusto's, whom I know vaguely. I'm not very good at remembering names or faces (very strange: sometimes I remember a name, sometimes a face - so I don't really have an excuse like face blindness or dyslexia or something) but since people...

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Glamping, bamping of framping – camping 2.0

I come from a camping family. My early holiday memories consist mainly of arriving at the campsite, picking a spot among the trees for our huge tent, and looking longingly at the swimming lake because we children had to hold a tent pole for centuries so my father...

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My kingdom for a horse

"Look, there is a horse on the road!" son Broes shouts in surprise, and walks towards the road in the rain to take a look. I follow him, but wait on the sidewalk for the latest news. Too cold and wet. A horse on the road - that doesn't happen every day! A moment later...

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Very different C-words for our bubble in 2021

Well… it's really not to rub it in (again), or to secretly gloat, but we really had a nice New Year. I've already wished everyone a Happy New Year via Facebook and Whatsapp, but to be clear: I wish everyone a very good and healthy 2021! https://youtu.be/RuNDj7ZZY_E We...

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Happy Newyear!

At the end of this Christmas weekend, at the beginning of Christmas Day, we already have a wish for you for the following festivities. See you all next year! https://youtu.be/9l_euioM_2A

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Christmas greetings from Portugal

Almost Christmas, almost the end of the year How many people have not said so far: it was a strange year. I sincerely hope it wasn't really bad for you - if you've built your own business or lost your job, it's not a weird year, it's a disaster year. I hope it all...

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Extreme levels of humidity in Portugal

The humidity level seems like close to 150% All mirrors are steamed up and start to drip spontaneously; the labels slide off the beer bottles; a forgotten open book in the entrance slurps the moisture out of the air, causing the pages to curl. Oh, irony: it's a...

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Online Christmas Market

For a while now I have been a member of a Facebook group called: Entrepreneurs Together. And now I'm suddenly in an online Christmas market! That is a big step, you would say, from Facebook group to online Christmas market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RtsNi4Tetc...

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Portuguese nature: what are weeds exactly?

In the series “Portuguese Nature” - which appears very irregularly - we talk about what is weeds and what is not. A difficult question, I think, because I don't find plants worth weeding when they have nice flowers. A lot of weeds have them. Nice flowers And even...

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