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Our cute baby dogs and asylum

“No, no, no, forget the shelter, they will not go there!” Julia says firmly, “I mobilize my entire network, and then we’ll find something.”


I’m a bit sip, between the poles that keep the corrugated boards up. The poles lean on pieces of tree stump – we have plenty of them – and there are large stones underneath to fill the holes.

The chicken wire behind this improvised barrier is secured at the bottom with tent pegs, but nevertheless these little David Copperfields manage to escape.

And their mother does not really help

Donkeydog has had enough of that fuss between her legs and the pain in her nipples. Yes, I understand that only by looking at those two walking torture tools! Those teeth are razor sharp, you don’t even want to think about that hanging on your nipples. Brrrr!

I’ve always said that she’s smart, but I’ll come back a bit of that now. If I make bread-with-milk-and-water, for the little ones, or give them special babydog food, she’ll eats it right away. And she’s standing on the other side of the barricade, so they can see her but not reach her – and that is provocation.

Then they’re trying to find a hole to go to their precious mom

If I pick them up from the village square later in the day for the third time, and put them back behind the pallets, which form an impromptu barrier there, I feel pretty down. So many comments on Facebook, on Messenger, on the site and everywhere; everyone thinks they are so cute! And they are! But nobody wants them.

Not here in Portugal, in any case. Here baby dogs are not as scarce as in the north

In the afternoon when I’m concentrating on the new webshop (sorry, the first draft is only in dutch) link: www.rondjebed.nl) when our German neighbor arrives. “Sorry to interrupt,” she says laughing, “but I have good news. The dogs are going to Germany! ”


I spontaneously throw my arms up in the air and utter a joyful cry

“Oh, how wonderful! How did you manage that? ”

Julia looks as relieved as I am, animal lover that she is.

“I have been a veterinary assistant, I told you, didn’t I? So I have a lot of contacts, all over Europe. I went for it yesterday, and this came out. Maria in Porto will pick them up, she’ll take care of vaccinations, chips and passports, and then they go to Germany. There they certainly find a nice family, maybe they even will stay together! ”

Gracious, what a joy that all dogs are “treated” with you in the north!

The problem is solved. Our cute baby dogs will not gó to the asylum, they will gét asylum