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Rent, buy or book?

More and more foreigners in Portugal. We won’t ask whether these are the people who vote for political parties, which ironically want to keep foreigners out of their own country. According to neighbor Paddy, who apparently regularly encounters foreigners in the supermarket and then has politically tinged conversations with them, yes, that is so. In

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Buried in Portugal

I want to take a small side road, but a white van is just ahead of me. He stops at the beginning, blocking everyone (not such a problem, noone there but me) who wants to get in and out. I wait patiently for him to continue, but after a few minutes my patience runs out

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A key position

I put the key in the lock and turn. Nothing happens. In my mind I was already inside, almost outside again; just grab my sunglasses, and go for a walk. The key refuses to work – or rather: the lock refuses to open I know the phenomenon. Fortunately, because otherwise you will first have to

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