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The first guests and a dead hawk

The screen door of room 2 makes a “schreeeeeech” noise across the floor. I always lift it a little, but of course the guests don’t know that door like I know it. The sliding door of the adjacent living room goes “zzzzzzztpoom”. I can hear that when I’m sitting in the kitchen waiting for breakfast time.

This way I know that my guests are ready for coffee

The big door of the bathhouse goes “gggggg-click”, and the toilet door says “thump-thump-schsch” – and then I know that one of my sons has gone in there. There are many more sounds that you know in your own home, and that you register randomly. I don’t pay attention to the door sounds if there are no guests needing breakfast.

I went to the thump-thump-schsch myself, and while I was there, I suddenly heard an unknown thump-thud. It’s still early, I’m not fully alert, and it’s all unconscious, but it’s starting to intrigue me more and more. What a strange thump-thud that was!

It will take a while before I’m able to go out; in winter you need a little more time to put your clothes back in order, don’t you, and when I stand outside again, I see a bird lying in the middle of the entrance to the hall.

Oh my goodness. A young hawk, with still that fierce look in his eyes that birds of prey have, but with a little ouch in it. He had not yet learned that those stupid people have those transparent shields in front of their houses that makes you do a real painful thumb-thud. He now has learned the hard way!

And it looks like, unfortunately, he can no longer pass on that knowledge

The guests from room 2 return from their walk. He gently places a finger on the young bird’s chest and finds that nothing is beating anymore. I already had a suspicion when I saw the young hawk… ouch… very slowly, and very carefully, and just a little bit, folding his tail.

Poor hawk. Is it a hawk by the way? I don’t have a birds lover nor an AI here yet to verify those things…

The guests don’t know it either, but they don’t think about it for long. They had a wonderfully relaxing day, night and morning – I assured them that there is no reason to rush on a Sunday morning, you can always check out, because no one arrives on a Sunday afternoon in January anyway.

That is very much appreciated. These guests are people who can relax and enjoy themselves very well. They slept in, had a leisurely breakfast in the sun – it’s January, but it feels like spring from about 10 o’clock, and then summer until about 5 o’clock – and then my beloved dog Mira took them to the Green Island for a bit of fun among the flowers.

The fields are already full of yellow clovers and white chamomile, and if you look closely you will see all kinds of blue little things in between, a pink little flower face next to it, yellow forsythia-like bushes. There is a buzz of life everywhere if you pay attention to it.

And these first guests have pay that attention

“For example, if we wanted to come back with a group of friends in April or May, would you have room?”
I explain that most holiday homes have been rented out for longer periods to remote workers, digital nomads & online entrepreneurs, since Covid, so I don’t have any houses or rooms for a group of about 10 people. “Ah!” she says, “The famous remote workers …!”

“But if you like camping, then yes,” I say, and show them the campsite. That is well received. “Can we take your contact with us?” they ask, “that’s easier than booking through Odisseias, as we have done now.” I hand them our card.

We’ll see. Hopefully there won’t be any more tragic deaths then …


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