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The fly who loved me

I can’t help it, when I’m cleaning a closet, and I see traces of fly droppings at the bottom, I think: “Oh gosh, that was one with a fear of heights.” There were seven brothers and sisters at the bottom to urge her: “Come on, you can do it! No! Don’t look down, it’ll work, if you’re at the top you can use your wings!!”

Flying for the first time is difficult, even for a fly

this nice fly was made by a little guest

She pooped in her pants in fear. Too bad she wasn’t wearing any. That would save a lot of annoyance. On the tip of the light bulb, how do you get it done? And why do you have to sit right there pooping?

A fly is a flying source of irritation

They are pushy, tactless, totally no sense of timing or finesse, no manners whatsoever. No wonder, because they are not educated. Mother fly? Flown. Father fly? Is there a father fly? I don’t even know how flies do it or if they do it.

The fact is, if you have one fly, the whole family is definitely close by

I’m used to it now. End of the summer: flies. There are frogs in the bath, grasshoppers on the terrace, rhinoceros.beetles on the road, salamanders in all crevices, spiders hang out of reach in their webs, and at the end of summer you suddenly get flies.

You have to have flies, because they’re bird food. Look, here’s the thing: there are a lot of storks here. Beautiful, majestic, how they fly around almost without moving their wings – wonderful. So there must be frogs. And crayfish.

I believe crayfish are vegetarians, but a frog eats flies.

I sometimes try to tell myself that flies are very affectionate

That they like to be in your company, social fun animals, Burgundians moreover – they eat everything, they don’t discriminate any food. They are so focused on your company and your attention that they bite you if you’re not paying attention.

They even like your sweat. That’s sweet! That is adorable!

But I can’t. I do not succeed to do it. Not with those r .. flies

I look at all those little songbirds, who are busy doing their things for the coming winter, and think, “Come … come here, honey, look here what a nice snack?”

Eat them all!

(Encore: short video of Yoko Ono – the woman with the fly. Anyone who can watch this and don’t get the creeps should report it! That is very special!)

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