Donkeydog and Viagra

The new dog, Mira, makes us walk every day. Very healthy habit.

A walk a day keeps the doctor away.

New dog?? What?? Has Donkeydog gone to a better place?
No no, she’s busy doubling up, but she’s still alive. She doesn’t run as fast anymore, because she’s already 93, and a parasite is busy eating away at her heart.

She takes Viagra for that

Excuse me? It shouldn’t get crazier, a dog on Viagra. And it’s a girl too, if I remember correctly, so…

See, that’s how it is. Viagra is originally a medicine for heart disease, with a rather special side effect. Usually side effects with medicines are not so appreciated, but with this one it was precisely the side effect that made the product such a success.

Although you can think differently about it, and you also need to know how to deal with it.

This parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes, just like malaria. Unlike malaria, this only occurs in animals. People are not at risk. Poor Donkeydog, we had no idea those mosquitoes and parasites existed, and because she has always been very healthy, we never went to the vet. Otherwise she might have warned

It only became apparent when I wanted to have her neutred. Doutor Soares called when she was already on the operating table, that this parasite had been discovered, and if I gave permission, because she could stay in it because of that. “Let’s get on with it,” I said with all the consternation still fresh in my mind (DD sensed things coming and made her get away, and I had to chase her), “she’s a very healthy, strong dog, so she’ll be fine.” I was also really confident.

Rightly so, but the heartworm had to be treated. So, with Viagra

And another remedy that kills the larvae; the adult heartworms have a life span of about two years. So if you consistently kill the babies every month, you’d say you’d solve the problem after two years.

The new dog, still a young girl, can be vaccinated against it. We will certainly do that, because it is a rotten ailment. DD sometimes pants like an old cart horse when all she has to do is climb the stairs. But hey, age is also a thingy.

I can’t see myself doing it yet – hopping up and down those stairs with 93. At that age you become somewhat stiffer.

With or without Viagra


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