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A field full of wooden houses

The entire campground was full. Amazing how many of those houses there were. And it all fitted easily, there was even room left for the Tai Chi people to practice.

“That would be handy, all those little chalets…”

I woke up with that thought. Still half and half in dreamland, I tried to get a grip on the image of a field full of wooden houses, and that that’s a great idea. The solution for the challenges I’ve been getting thrown in my lap lately!

Undoubtedly, this dream is a result of a request for the Tai Chi group to come back, and an unknown group of people who plan to emigrate with 38 people at a time, and form a self-sufficient community.

The first is great news, because the Tai Chi group was a really nice group.

That last one request, of the group of 38, I find intriguing

Such a large group, and then last minute look for accommodation. How does that work? Are they all wealthy reformados? But then self-sufficient? You don’t expect self-suffiency from well-to-do citizens, you might say. Search the net … because I’m not curious but I like to know everything.

In the meantime, we email back and forth. I don’t have enough accommodation for such a large group, and not on such short notice. Still, it’s interesting enough to see how far we get, because accommodating 38 people for a month or so (in the fall and winter) is something I put effort into.

Especially after 2020!

I suspect it was not a prophetic dream, because we can’t fit about 10 houses on the camping site – unless we fill every inch. That’s not funny anymore. It’s very nice if everyone has a bit of space, and that you don’t hear the neighbors walking through the room.

But now it’s getting spooky…

That same day I open my laptop and click around. Click through here & there … and what do I see as an advertisement? (do I need to say it?) Little wooden houses manufacturer Lacet-Niederrhein. Houses made with deutsche gründlichkeit.

Yes, of course I click through! Whazzup? Can my laptop read my mind, does Google tap my dreams, what the Ef?

Plus, it still is a great idea…
I can already see it, such practical wooden houses with a veranda in front. Or one with French doors and a staircase to the garden. Cheaper than building a holiday home, much more solid then a caravan or a yurt. And a lot easier – they build it for you. I would like one with a roof that resembles cookies (the ones you eat) and the planks made of candy. That would fit here, with all the fairytale-themed mosaics.


That would fit our fairy-tale-theme very well

Then I’ll play witch. I have the age for it, and I can practice some cackling laughter …