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A silver sea in September

We are in the Fig Tree in the Delta – that is what Figueira da Foz would be called in english. Mira dances on the beach, growls at her own tail, looks at the waves in amazement and tries to ignore the seagulls. I suspect she has already seen their sharp beaks, and that they are not easily intimidated by humans.

A stroll by the sea in the September sun – what a blessing

It’s not busy, but there are several people in various stages of undress here and there. Sunbathers in sheltered spots, pretending it’s still summer and probably not getting cold that easily. Surfers in their protective suits with their boards under their arms – a good start because the waves are not that high. Great for the novice surfer.

I have a headwind, which is nice because your hair doesn’t go all over your face. Then you can see everything clearly, although I save the best for last: the way back with a much nicer view of the sea. Now I mainly see the harbour, and Figueira itself, fanned out over the Serra da Boa Viagem.

And something strange on the facade of the former camping site. What does it say there? Do I see that right?

Isn’t that almost impossible in these PC times?

Lots of people on the boulevard, just like me wearing shoes and a cardigan. If it gets too hot, you can always tie it around your waist. Many people come from the hospital, because it is right next to the beach. After your treatment or diagnosis, take a moment to recover before getting back into your car and resuming your normal life.

It’s even more beautiful on the way back. A silver sea in the sunlight

A few fishermen stand on the pier, their silhouettes black against the silver of the sea. I don’t know what they’re fishing for, I don’t even know if that’s important to them. It seems like a great excuse to spend an afternoon on the pier. You can always go back to a classic and eventually buy your “catch” at a shop.

Thank you guys for the beautiful picture! You’re not there for nothing.

Then suddenly I see two wings fluttering out of the water, just in front of the pier. Am I seeing that correctly? How crazy. And again. A wave with wings. A seagull in trouble. How’s that possible? Seagulls are masters at just barely diving into the sea, right? Perhaps this one hasn’t practiced enough yet, because with the next wave not only the wings but also the entire bird emerges.
His buddy sits on top of the pier to make sure things are going well, but apparently doesn’t think of doing anything. I carefully walk towards the drowned bird, but Mira spoils it. She’s also curious about what’s happening here.

Drowned seagull stumbles out of the surf

Tries to dry its wings by flapping vigorously. Thankfully, it looks like it’s not too bad. He can still walk, he can still flap, and he has a friend waiting for him. We can be missed, especially Mira, because the unfortunate bird staggers back into the surf for fear of the dog.

I quickly call her to me and trust the power of nature. Seagulls are super strong and not afraid. I have just seen that they are not at all impressed by a surfer who ran straight through a large group of sitting seagulls.

It seems to leave them completely indifferent. They were too busy enjoying the silver sea.


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