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A thief and a song (or two)

I’m so happy with all that space around me …

… especially on a Saturday afternoon, you get the feeling that the whole world is free and open, and come on, am I a workaholic or what? Of course there is still this and that, and even more, but can a person sit evenly as well?

I have a beautiful book.

I am a reader, so dear reader, if you are always just fiddling with your phone – get out of here!

A Facebook friend sent a nice piece of music. It is an Fb-friend with a very good marriage, so the music is also open to different interpretations (“I don’t live where I was born”).

And that’s where I am. Tears in my eyes, and a heart that almost bursts of emotion.

A nice book.

And a nice music.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! *

* If you read the book, you’ll understand this expression better. Which book?

“The book thief”, by Markus Zusak.

Would you like another bonus? Here’s another beautiful one.