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Appartment Two is ready in spite of the rain

A whole molten glacier is coming down! And it is May! Have the weather gods gone crazy!

If this is climate change, I’m not a fan. The blueberry is more of a swamp berry, but fortunately holds up bravely, even though it is right under the drainage point of the roof behind the kitchen.

Wasn’t that well planned, that spot

Also not well planned was the requested neighbor help yesterday afternoon. Broes and I were busy sweeping every last mile. One of the tips of that inexhaustible list was the relocation of the skeleton of the new tent.

Broes was messing with my head by first making the tent very high instead of very long.

“Hey, come and have a look! That thing is as high as the roof. De Bricomarché (hard ware store) does sell very strange tents”  he said. I was busy with all kinds of other home stretches: “No, no, he was actually very tall, and just a little higher than you when he was in the store! That’s not possible!” and, alarmed by this message, ran towards the garden of the room.

Oooooo …. sh…! He did it again!

You can click the legs on any way you want, so now there was a really weird little tall tent in the grass. A good laugh helps with all that stress. A bit later, it stood as its maker intended – just a bit higher than Broes, nice and long and wide, with a cozy pointy roof.

It is just not in the desired place

Point of attention. It takes 6 people to move it. I texted the neighbors but when the first came in, another molten glacier crashed down. “Not very inviting, is it?” we said to each other. Tomorrow then.

The first guests are fans of the Termas, have been here many times before, and have already stayed in various houses and rooms. They don’t mind the skeleton of a tent in the garden.

Because… yes… finally … room 3 and 4 are ready!

It took a while, but then you got something. Nice detail: everything is reused. I only bought a pile of wood from the sawmill (see previous blog). The engenheiro was not only kind enough to let me use the truck, but was lovely nonchalant about the rest of my discoveries: “O, that? Yeah … take it. That has been lying there in that corner for so long … Put whatever you want on a pile, and I’ll see what it is later.”
(tip: always search in corners, you will find the most beautiful things there if you have an eye for them!)

That wood has become the “doorway to heaven”


Beautiful planks appeared from under the thumb-thick dust. Nothing more to be done. Dust ‘m, sand ‘m, use ‘m. In the kitchen, 3 old cupboards and a cot came in handy. Old cabinets make you think: “It could be an antique, but yes, the doors don’t close properly anymore, if you walk too fast by it, it almost falls apart from the air pressure, and it’s a bit weird not-low-not-high model. Beautiful ornaments though … ”

I did exceed my golden deadline rule

You set the deadline, but wiser through experience you know you’re not going to make it. So you have a second deadline. You understand – if there is not really pressure behind it (and there wasn’t – no guests because of the C-risis), you can pay a little more attention to this … realize that idea… take a little longer break …. and before you know it, there will be a third deadline.

The third deadline is a deadly serious line that must be met absolutely!

And we made it! There is only a tiny little small to-do-list left when the guests go in. Not noticeable to them, pity for us. Well. We’ll adapt, and breathe in fresh air instead of reconstruction dust.

In that respect, that rain is a blessing!

Well, we are a B&B&B – Bed&Breakfast&Bathrobes!
And of course a mosaic. This one is on the terrace.

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