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Everywhere you look, you see babies

We suffer from an abundance of babies

If it’s not young radishes, it’s the baby snails that eat them. Little birds flying back and forth everywhere to feed their babies.

I was busy in the toilet building of the campsite. Not used during the winter, so it wasn’t spic and span. I saw a lot of dry grass in a corner, and thought, “Oi, what a mess here! Out with it!”

I threw a nest with just born baby birdies out! Saw it just in time!

I was secretly peeking around the corner, because I already heard mom and dad whistle in agitation. Not surprising if some stinky giant throws away your entire house with your babies in it.
I was afraid my bad human smell would scare them, but luckily they didn’t care and just kept flying back and forth with tasty snacks for their offspring.

It’s a good thing that all parents think their own children are the most beautiful in the whole world, because birdie babies don’t look that attractive. Greyish little fluffy thingies with big beaks.

You probably prefer to see another nice family. We also have yellow fluffies. Just got them, as a present

A little group of people came down the stairs. “Do you recognize me?” one of the ladies asked. I had to be honest and deny, no sorry. Her niece  came down the stairs with a cat cage. One of plastic, so you can’t see what’s inside. For a moment I was afraid that they had a litter of kitties, and were trying to get rid of them.

It happened a few times already …

But no, it turned out that there was a duck in the cat’s cage. Her daughter came down with another cat cage. Not a cat either, but her offspring. Six adorable yellow fluffy babies. I had to get used to the idea of having the responsibility of taking care of a single mother with six children.

If you have babies, you have questions. What does a duck eat? How do you care for a duck? What does the duck want?

It was all explained to me. They are allowed to stay with the chickens, in their old outside coop. Our three chickens have had a whole pasture at their disposal for a long time, so they don’t need their old coop. A bag of baby duck food came with it.

So sweet! When they passed by the first time – a while ago – we talked about ducks, and they’d been promised to bring me one. Little did I know she was serious! Sometimes people make promises. And then you never hear about it again.

It happened before …

We hastily cobbled together a swimming pond. I don’t know much about birds, but I do know this: a duck has a floating device, so it has to be in the water. We still had an old trampoline, a pile of stones, some scraps of chapa ondulada, and the Cooperativa sells black agro-plastic by the meter, so it was all done in a few hours.

If mother Duck decides to stay, we’ll make something more beautiful. My plan now is to get her a little less on her guard, because she is very alert. Those babies aren’t going anywhere for now, and since she’s a Good Mother, she’ll stick with them.

What sweet yellow fluffies, huh? Gives you a complete other feeling then some other kind of babies, doesn’t it?

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