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Childrens’ holidays

Not easy to write a blog in the high season. It’s busy! We have a record number of children of about the same age – so much fun! Yesterday I saw the hustling between them while I was doing a mosaic workshop with two of the bigger children. There was a group in the little swimming pool playing a fantasy game, and a larger group roaming around with water pistols, sticks or ukeleles, who surprised eachother with their “shooting faster than their shadows”.

I had a thought:

“It would be nice to take a photo of all those children together,” but at the same time I knew that was an impossible task. Children who are running after each other you shouldn’t disturb, and children swimming in a pool buckle water into eachother’s buckets while enjoying a chat, you must leave in peace completely.

The parents are happy to read in peace

Because all that is perfectly fine, and they can’t do no harm. It’s noise, but it’s good noise. You don’t suffer from that. Similar to the noise of frogs. In the evening, when you’re enjoying your rest, you can hear 4 billion frogs, and that actually makes a lot of noise. But it’s good noise. It doesn’t bother you.


Even when you’re older, like me, and your children are big, you’re not affected by it

Then you still know how that works. Harmonic noise isn’t bad, it just goes past you. Like those frogs. You never hear anyone complaining about that – “Oioi, I couldn’t sleep because of that frog noise …” This is how it is with little children too. You just read through their noises, but as soon as it goes wrong, and the harmony is distorted – it will be annoying.

The conversations you can have are also very nice.

Two children in the pool this morning when it was still quiet. They are the first, because the youngest. Little girl is 3, and has thrown all her toys in the small pool. That sounds impressive, but it’s not that big of a deal, because you can’t take all your toys on holiday. There was a mermaid with a pink tail. And neon colored stuff to dive up, which you definitely can’t miss on the bottom of the pool.

But that was more for her big brother

“Hey, look now, what I’ve picked up !?” I say surprised, “a mermaid! With a pink tail! How did you get here?” The blonde girl feels happy: “That’s mine, that’s mine! She can swim!” Big brother now throws his neon colored toys down and says, “I can easily pop that up, I can swim under water from here to there.” “Jeez, how handsome,” I say, while I take black little things and eucalyptus leaves out of the water with my net, “I wouldn’t dare. There are octopuses in the water, have you seen that?!” Now it’s the turn to scream of laughing: “Those are of mosaic! You don’t have to worry about that!”

Such a nice conversation, early in the morning

Most of the guests are still sleeping, but some children are early birds like me. The highlight is already over, because yesterday a few families went to other places or back home. But it was a very enjoyable time with the 20 pieces of those noise makers around!

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