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Great chance to book this: Coaching 50 plus

Okay …, so April 18 to 22. That is Wednesday to Sunday. Just to be sure: up to or t / m?

Wednesday arrival, Sunday departure. Right? A nice long weekend, with valuable coaching sessions, everything included, so no worries about nothing. Coaching 50 plus.


Anyway: a day has twenty-four hours

And a lot can happen in that. To begin with, you will sleep at least 8 hours in a good bed, in your own room, in a beautiful setting. We can’t say much about the weather, but in general it’s top weather in Portugal in April. Wake up with the whistling of the birds, and you can have breakfast outside in the sun.

Then the sun quickly becomes a grown-up heater, but it never gets really hot here. We are 12 kilometers from the beach as the crow flies, so usually a nice sea breeze passes by in the afternoon. Really good.

The other 16 hours you can spend on the question: what do I do with my life?

It may be the second time in your life that you are wondering: what do I want to become when I grow up? This is not such a simple question for many people. Those who are blessed with a great talent or a clear calling are rare. There are only few who are staring over the sea with the feeling of: “I have to go to sea, I want to sail!”

For most of us it is a bit thougher

At school you discovered where your interest, passion, love and skill lie. Meanwhile you have a whole lot of life behind you, in which you have discovered and developed all that further. Most probably you have developed, discovered, deepened some other skills, knowledge, passions, loves, interests. You left some behind or you still embrace them.

You are the director of your life, and you play the leading role

That has been hard work – being busy: sometimes drowning in your business to-do lists, sputtering romantic dates, muddy relationships and 24 hours on-call for your small children. Sometimes finally rest when they’re all out of the house, the list is ticked off and you have decided to let go of everything and do something you like.

And on a nice day they’re all out of the house for good, and you can do what you like for hours or days. So now you have time to ask yourself: Do you have it all under control at work? Are you bumping against the (glass) ceiling? Are you done with the singing, gardening, the latest form of blablabla-yoga? Are you on a dead end with your walking group? Or with your relationship?

That is getting used to. What now?

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

Janis Joplin once sang, and well, there you are, you have nothing left to lose. Or yes, one more thing of course. One very important fact.

Your life.

What are you going to do with that, there are still a lot of valuable years ahead of you.

Out of all those activities and sometimes chaos and crisis you have torn a lot of wisdom. You have experience, knowledge, skill, and a lot of love in your heart. What are you going to do with that? Which way? What do you find important now? Are you afraid of changes, or are you looking forward to that? Do you have people who support you, or do you really do it all alone, against all odds?


All questions are answered in coaching 50 plus

A good coach will let you walk around those questions. Why? With the discovery of the question the answer is automatically there. Your answer, that suits you. Someone else with the same question may find a very different answer. That’s hers.

There is no clear answer to these kinds of questions.

And the discovery of those answers is a fantastic adventure with a good coach and a nice group of like-minded people!

I would say: throw in five days and 1143,45 euros, and do this coaching 50 plus!

That includes travel, accommodation and food, with unforgettable group sessions and expert individual sessions. You can book extras as a mosaic workshop, a massage or a hiking tour. Take a look here.

Bye! Até logo! See you in April!

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  1. Hallo Sienie, sorry dat het zolang duurde, ik ben eigenlijk niet gewend aan veel commentaren op mijn blogs, en helaas: nee. Dit is je enige kans, en er zijn nog 2 plekjes. 18 – 22 april. Mocht je wat verder willen overleggen: ik ben altijd bereikbaar onder info@termas-da-azenha.com of 00351 – 916 589 145. Of via skype / facebook messenger / whatsapp video. Misschien tot dan? Zonnige groet! Ellen

  2. Thank you for sharing with us, I conceive this website genuinely stands out : D.

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