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Extreme levels of humidity in Portugal

The humidity level seems like close to 150%

All mirrors are steamed up and start to drip spontaneously; the labels slide off the beer bottles; a forgotten open book in the entrance slurps the moisture out of the air, causing the pages to curl.

Oh, irony: it’s a cookbook, opened to a desert recipe called “water gruwel” – roughly translated as “water horror”.

I had to go to Figueira today for a part for our broken boiler. I drove into a mist of rain. The world was getting wetter and more invisible. There was nothing left to see on the sea side of the bridge over the Mondego. There the sky and the sea became one. On the other side it wasn’t exactly clear either.

I hope the sky and the sea liked it. I’m not such a fan. It’s nice and cozy, to start a day like that, and we may not complain because it doesn’t happen that often, but after a whole day of drowling and drizzling and sprinkling, I had had it. Usually it clears up, you know, in the afternoon.

I was wearing the wrong shoes, no umbrella (forgotten of course) – we don’t wear jackets here anyway, so you don’t get in a good mood in a damp cardigan with soggy shoes. And if the parts store lady frowns when she sees your broken thermostat, you start sighing.

No hot shower soon. Hm. Thank god it’s not cold (’cause of the rain!)

Then to one of the centros comerciais for the Christmas gifts. The first has no covered parking. Neither does the second. And all spots close to the entrance are already occupied of course.

Enough! I’m going to Foz Plaza – at least there’s a parking garage.

I will tell you that you do not do your Christmas shopping with enthusiasm; wet-with-mask-and-glasses does not stimulate you to look at the nicest presents for your loved ones.

Back home everything and everyone seemed swollen with moisture, and there’s still not much world out there

“Then you close everything, right?” you say? Well… the sad thing is that air is everywhere. And if there is a lot of water in the air, it just comes along. Everywhere. Because air is everywhere.

You should make a vacuum of your room to keep that moist air from entering anywhere. Or turn on the heating – a good one too. The unfortunate thing is that it is not cold enough (it’s 17º C.), and that you will be suffocating from the heat in no time.

Moreover, all viruses like that

I would like them to be swollen up with all the moist, and then explode. Then at least our virusproblem would be solved.


It’ll be better tomorrow

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