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Friday the 13th

Not that I’m superstitious … but still it’s wise not to walk under ladders (because maybe someone will drop his paint right on your head, or you hook behind one of the legs so that the pot of paint with painter and all fall on your head); you better have a black cat nearby (because yes, that just brings good luck, everyone knows that); and if you say something positive about the future, you knock on wood. To not tempt the gods.

Logical things that everyone knows. Just like Friday the 13th is an unlucky day

And that is precisely not the case for me. Strange, right? The above things: all like clockwork, but the 13th is never an unlucky day here.

It’s more the days around it – not so much Friday the 13th itself.

Deep sigh. But if you want to know, I was creating a webshop, finally, to take a step forward in the world of selling Bathrobes and Kimonos – and last Thursday it came to a very abrupt end.

I was so well on my way. Choosing a template (I chose Divi – good advice: DON’T!),

installing WordPress, Woocommerce, all kinds of nice plugins; creating categories and product pages – it finally went really well.

Finally – and by that I mean that it took months to get all sorts of things clear. Tax rates. Legal things about privacy. Secure payment issues. Shipping with which party – why, how much, how long, and most importantly, how reliable.

I took photos of all robes

Sounds so easy, but it is quite a challenge! The amount of light you need will make your footprint about size 56! Three enormous boxes hang from the ceiling, and around 8 LED lamps hang, sit, stand in a circle around The Place Where It Happens. Together with the outside light that’s just enough to provide an acceptable photo.

Another trifle: everyone always wants a photo type landscape – so, horizontal, but see that you can photograph a kimono horizontally. You can only do that vertically – those are the fun challenges that can keep you busy for a week.

I came up with a smart way to make it easier for me: the kimono on a hanger on a wire from the ceiling, turn it ’round and ’round, and then it turns back on its own while I take pictures. Smart right?

So, I was completely ready. This winter I’d sell bathrobes and kimonos for Christmas through my own shop!

Haha! – the gods thought – … and what about Friday the 13th?

I still don’t know what exactly is going on. It seems to be an error deep in the system, and well, I don’t understand that. And to find someone who does can take a while.

Friday the 13th casts its shadow forward.

But after a day of sipping to recover from this blow that fate inflicts on me, I bravely got back to work. Never give up! Friday the 13th or not.

I now have a shop on Etsy.com. Go and have a look. And … while you’re there …;);)


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