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What is the best way to sit at your computer?

I’m sitting at the computer all day at the moment. That may be nothing special to many of you, but it is for me. I’m not a sitter. I’m more a walker, a creator.

But well, I have to. Our webshop (we’re working on the english version!) must be completed, and the Etsy shop must be managed every day (and completed). So there’s a lot more to sit ahead.

How does a person sit behind the computer all day long?

What a challenge! I vary a bit, with my normal office chair, or another chair without wheels, or the ball (which could use a little bit more air again), or a stool with a cushion on it … or moving everything to a higher level – literally.

Add a cushion … remove a pillow … on the ball … on the stool … in the chair – and then one level up again …. it takes some energy to sit all day! But it has to. I’m very strict, that webshop has to be finished, and that Etsy shop is going to be a success.

Enough is enough. We’re now serious about selling. Everyone cries out loud that they are such beautiful kimonos, well, then there must be people who want them, don’t they?

Certainly from Bed & Breakfast & Bathrobes Termas-da-Azenha?

As I confessed before, I’m not a sitter, but I’m not a salesperson either. I’m more of an inventor, maker and doer. I would love to meet a partner who would love to sell things. Where can you find such a person? Is there a platform for that too? How do I find my business partner?

It is full of platforms or apps for all kinds of things – should I start such a site myself, Partner-Up.com? That too?

No, just kidding. I don’t worry about it. I’m already doing the work for 3 people.

“Then hire people”, I hear you think. Yes, I do. Gina, for example, the portugese seamstress. And I made a good deal with the stranded Brazilians who pay part of their rent in working on the site, the shop and some marketing.

As a result, we already have a Facebook pixel, a Google Tag Assistant, a marketing strategy, an Etsy shop, a seamstress, some 50 kimonos – so now it’s a good time to find buyers.

So I just keep going on sitting.


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