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Pissed but happy

The day started this morning being very cold, improved itself quickly with a promising spring-like breeze, and gave the sun a hard push so that it quickly got warmer.

The weather is much too nice to work

Look, then you quickly realize where the advantages lie of entrepreneurship. You run risks, yes, but you can also decide for yourself when you do what, where and how. Especially that when on these beautiful winter sunny days is very pleasant.

I quickly get into a discussion with myself, but fortunately I always win it

“You have to …” I start, but yes, that is a bad start, because I don’t immediately buy it anymore. “Yesyes,” is the standard reaction, “Yesyes, don’t-worry-be-happy, I’ll do it!”


“Okay,” I try again, and now I will not let myself get away with it anymore, so it is important to bring this as quickly as possible: “You have to do your vlog, so you have to go change into the new kimono in a cold room, but the sun is on that side so it’s not so bad and if you don’t, you’ll never sell even one, so I will be very grumpy if you don’t go immediately do that, and then we have the ads for the painting course that you have to arrange and the documentation of the land registry that you have to figure out, otherwise it will not be necessary anymore, and then we don’t even talk about the kimono-webshop… ”



“Oh … please, don’t be so strict … the sun is shining so beautifully … after some days of wind and rain, and my book is so attractive … and I’m hungry …”

Deep sigh. I live under my own regime, and that is not easy!

But in any case, it is possible to bring these internal negotiations to a successful conclusion. “Okay, I’m going to make that video now, because that takes a while before it’s uploaded, but after that I’m going to have lunch in the sun for a long time with my book, and then I don’t want to hear you anymore, right?”

One advantage of aging: you agree with yourself faster

There I am, with a good feeling about the vlog that is being uploaded, and a well filled sandwich with tuna, mayonnaise and capers, and my good book. In the sun. Life isn’t that bad. I often have lunch late, like at 4 in the afternoon, and on such a day like today, a drink after lunch is a great idea.

There I am, with a good feeling, a good sandwich, a good book and a good drink

Only … what is that flying around my head all the time?

I’m going to see how the video is doing, and when I come back, a black speck floats in my glass. Ah gosh, that’s what it was! I didn’t know that fruit flies were also interested in drinks. I carefully remove the speck from the glass. She is still alive: “Wow, that was a narrow escape!” She shakes, and then starts walking in uncertain circles. It is clear that she has had enough. Completely submerged in whiskey – talking about Happy Hour!

She’s pissed!


She shakes herself, walks a few passes, looks like a miniature drunk. She tries to fly, but smacks down again, on her face I imagine, and – just as if nothing’s wrong – start combing her hair. And rubbing her hands, like flies do, only fruit flies are more elegant.

At least that is what I think now, now that we are sitting outside, and she is the only one in the area. Usually my reaction to those creatures is a bit different. A bit more panic-ey, a bit more aggressive, and a bit more definitive too. For them then.

I take the last sip, at least she can’t fall in there anymore. Then it’s enough. For me. And for her too …