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Returnees, passer-byers, and serious hikers

“Oh, I’m sorry…. Stop … just a moment! Wait…! “ I’m just in time because the camper is already moving slowly across the field on its way to the exit. “I’m the biggest dummy of all time” I gasp, “sorry for the last minute disruption, but I forgot to make a picture of you guys. Is that okay?”

So sweet! All four of them get out and pose nicely for the photo.

I call them returnees, because they are not regular guests, and neither are they strangers

They came to camp years ago. Talking about it, we conclude it must be about four years. The youngest daughter was in the pool every day, and now that it is not available, she doesn’t mind at all. Grew over that. Neither does the oldest daughter. Four years makes a big difference in a person’s life – at least, can make a big difference. Depends a bit on your age.

Ten is a very different stage of life than fourteen.

The four of them are having fun playing and lounging around. Who knows, it might be the last time, with an almost-adult eldest daughter. Then things get a little different – every family with children growing up knows how that works.

The day after arrival, mother Marlies is sitting comfortably in the village square reading

It’s great in the shade, because we may not call it cold. A car stops next to the reception, and an acquaintance gets out. Passer-byers. Also a guest from a long time ago. She once spent the Christmas holidays here, and returned home richer with a homeless cat.

When she got home she found out that it is a special breed, with a black nose and sapphire blue eyes. We had indeed already baptized him “Nose”, because that was clearly his most striking feature. You saw the nose first, then the eyes, then the cat.

Nose is still alive, and doing well. The whole neighborhood loves him – he takes his walks every day. Femke brought a friend with her, who has also been here before, but only for a cup of coffee and a chat.

The large table in the village square offers enough space for everyone. Marlies and Femke find each other in a subject about upbringing, because both are in education, and father Oscar also joins in the fun.

At the same time as the family, a couple of backpackers arrive. Serious hikers!

These Austrians may be used to walk endlessly in their homeland – they have now decided to walk from the south of Portugal to the north. Backpack on the back, guitar in the hand; along the coast you can’t get lost.

Smart of them to start in the south! “I once walked from Switzerland to Rotterdam, an unforgettable experience” I tell them, still enthusiastic about that venture. “Yeah, exactly, it’s not that you experience spectacular things, but it’s life-changing” they nod in agreement.

Today the tour continues to the Serra da Boa Viagem above Figueira da Foz, 25 kilometers away

That doesn’t sound like much, but go do it first, dear readers! After such a distance, and if it’s above 30º, you’re going to want to take off your shoes and stand barefoot in the sea!

I wish them a great journey – what a wonderful way to spend your holiday.

P.S. Apologies, but the blog about the Solar King is (again) moving another week. Third time is a charm, so then it will really happen!


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