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Small losses because of the GDPR

Multi-talent Bruno stayed! And Mary beautiful painter too!

“Then it doesn’t matter to me anymore”, I say to myself aloud, “I’m really happy with this.” I spent quite a few hours on it, this GDPR situation, and it has unexpected consequences.

The GDPR has a lot of consequences, and you’ve probably been hearing about it a lot during the last few weeks

We will know that our privacy is protected! Boy, what a hassle. Just like you would ever read that kind of thing. Because, um, yes, well, what does it do?

If you receive an email that you don’t want, you can file a complaint

Companies can’t just put you on the mailing list. You really must have enrolled, and if someone should submit a complaint, then the company must prove that the person really wanted it, with screenshots of registration and all.

It started last month. A slowly growing flood of (also unwanted) e-mails with warnings about the new European legislation on data protection. Nice scrabble word, but it simply means that you as a company must put a special page on your site that you send only desired e-mails; that you protect the data you have as well as possible; and that you have proof that you have permission from the person concerned.


credits to: voxeurope.eu


I already did two webinars to know more

Then it was really unavoidable that we also had to send out a mailing to ask permission from you to send you mails.

My inbox has never been as full as now. And it is actually and unexpectedly very nice!

“Oh, there she is, she said yes!” (I don’t mention any name any more, because you never know …) – I’m talking to myself behind the computer, “And ah! they don’t want anymore. Well, fine. And look! He joins as well, there she is, and they too, and he …. ooo, how nice, thank you guys! ”


This day started well. The day the GDPR came into effect. An inbox full of permissions

And some unsubscribers as well, of course. The nice thing is: I know most of them, so welcome back, you all! Nice to see that you stay! Now I know again why I do this – because it’s nice to write a piece every week, but also because it’s apparently appreciated.

And I appreciate that very much in return!

I will do my very best to write a blog every week that gives you a smile, but that is also a bit with you guys of course. If you come here to join in, I have more to write … so yes …

What are you waiting for, actually?

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We moved here in 2000 from Rotterdam, Holland to the Termas-da-Azenha, Portugal. A big step, especially with two small children. We are busy to rebuild one of portugals cultural heirlooms: Termas-da-Azenha, an old spa which has been turned into several holiday homes, rooms and a small campsite, with a swimming pool, games like pingpong, foossball, pool, boardgames, and a FancyDressingRoom. You’ll find mosaics and paintings everywhere.

The old bathhouse is going to be a museum, where you can see how things have changed. The healing mineral water still runs through the baths, and is still of an excellent quality. Since 2018 we call ourselves the first B&B&B in the world – Bed & Breakfast & Bathrobes. You can buy a unique bathrobe or kimono in our webshop, or order one tailor-made, completely to your wishes.

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