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Spring in Portugal, with mosaic and a good meal

Last week Friday, March 18, 2022 at 11:28, spring broke out here. A few days earlier than indicated on the calendar, because spring doesn’t care what we humans think – if spring thinks it should break out, then it breaks out.

And with a spring break in Portugal, everything is going very fast!

As a result, I had to prune the kiwi in the drizzle because it already had a lot of promising bumps on its branches. When the plant juices start flowing again, it’s actually not that smart to prune anymore, but yeah … it didn’t happen yet … no time … sorry, kiwi sisters!

These twins have been there for years, and I’ve already tried a few times to add a male, so that we can get kiwis sometime. I didn’t know that a kiwi does males and females, so I only started asking after a few years.

The old man on the market selling kiwis has a simple answer to the question of how to know what a male and female kiwi is: “Muito simples, menina. The males come in a red pot, and the females in a black one.”

So I couldn’t do much with that. In nature, kiwis do not come in red or black pots

Anyway, I found out eventually of course. Females have round leaves, males more pointy, but it’s only a small difference.

Three times is a charm. The last attempt is hopefully successful. The ladies have been pruned back somewhat and that has resulted in a large container full of organic material. Perhaps those two boys are less impressed now and they dare to spread their pollen freely.

At least I believe that’s how it goes… I won’t ask that old man anymore about specifics …

The branches of the pruned ladies are food for the coming tomatoes, strawberries, melons and beans. We cut them in small pieces so they’re easier to digest. 😉 We’re going to make some raised beds. Better for your back, especially for mine, because I’m usually the one to pull weeds.

Meanwhile, mosaic friend and regular guest Astrid has arrived. It’s a pity that the sun has disappeared, but it’s not cold, and you can also lay a mosaic in the great hall. The theme this time is: colorful birds.

We already have a parrot, a fantasy bird and a toucan with a party hat

The toucan will get legs, and a branch to sit on, and then the rest of that corner can be brightened up nicely with all kinds of colorful birds. I am very content, because this is a nicely demarcated piece, and that can’t get very out of hand. That we’re going to cover an entire facade again.

Now I do have great ideas for entire walls or floors, but first I have to finish everything, and only then start a new project.

It’s all very relaxed. A bit of hoeing in the vegetable garden, a bit of puzzling with colorful pieces of tile, a delicious meal from son Broes at the end of the day …

we are enjoying this breaking spring to the fullest!


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