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A beauty of a mosaic jungle

Images say more then words. In this case more then true. You can’t catch mosaic in words.

Another one ready. Made with a few friends who regularly come back. Unfortunately, we forgot completely to make pictures. Talking about images … clever! But we’ll provide you with an impression, don’t worry!

It all began with a snake. A mosaiced snake but you know how that goes with snakes ….

With the rebuilding of room 3 and 4, I came across the snake on the terrace. I made it a long time ago, as a kind of joke. But the snake looked cold at me and said: “I no longer wish to be alone. I want company, creatures, flowers, a nice jungle …”

And there it went, the start of another huge mosaic

I always try to find images to represent the image I have in my head, because – as said – it’s hard to explain. You can talk untill you’re blue, and still people might not understand what you’re talking about. I found the best inspiration with Rousseau. Specially the huge flowers, the fingerplant and the sun/moon fitted my imagination fine.

It’s great to work together. Very stimulating! There’s a select little group, people who return regularly to join in. Hereby my immense gratitude to Stephanie, Paddy, Astrid, Roos and namesake Ellen.

It always starts with a lot of boxes, pieces, crumbs, mess … you don’t know where to put things anymore – but luckily veteran Astrid knows how it works and helps to clean up from time to time.
Some parts have to wait untill they’ll be grouted. There are guests in the room now, so I can’t do that yet. No problem. That little monkey hangs right where it should be.
First time working together, but with another Ellen everything goes easy-peasy!

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