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Rapunzel-in-the-tower and a plane ticket

Rapunzel was locked in a tower. And since that was a long, long time ago, and very far from here, it must not have been such a terribly high tower. As long as a princess could be locked up in it – all good.

We have recorded that – of course – in mosaic, in our village

The tower in question is a little bit higher. And the princess is not in it, but on top of it. (She’s not a princess either; as far as I know, she’s a flight attendant, and she works for UAE Emirates Airlines.)

I’m very glad I am not in her shoes!

We are dealing here with someone who already is troubled by vertigo on a newspaper (me) so when I read this (her), I a bit flustered.

I have great admiration for someone who is not afraid of heights, but I am afraid I inherited it. My mother always started screaming when we were on holiday in Switzerland, and my father drove faster than 30 km/h in the mountains. We children also became a bit green around the nose, mostly because of that screaming.

But for their XXth wedding anniversary, I thought of the ultimate revenge!

Did you know that there is a gift card for airline tickets?

I thought: I want to give something original. What does the internet say about this? That’s what we modern people do first, isn’t it, when we want to know something. Get on the internet.

That’s where I ran into her, the flight attendant on the tower, and then I stumbled across this site.

At first, this made me green around the nose again, but especially the last one caught my attention. Because the internet also says: don’t give stuff, but give experiences. This seems like an experience to me. A plane ticket to wherever you want. You can choose it yourself.

Total gift: a gift card for a plane ticket, and a gift card for a hotel night!

Then you must be very fond of your beloved recipient, but it is a wonderful gift experience. For this one, I’m going to visit all my relatives – who wants to chip in?

Pretty sure they’ll be very content with it.

Add some striped pajamas, and there you have a complete experience.