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, Yes, that’s just another cold shower, isn’t it? The three interns who’re scheduled to come in September don’t know yet, but today the university announces that it will suspend all internships abroad for the first semester of the next school year.

This means that the next possibility will present itself in February 2021.

The three interns and I had already discussed this scenario

and then we agreed that if this would materialize – which has now happened – they will hold their internship to start in February. Fortunately, they are not delayed by this, because they can fill in the vacant time by pulling forward other educational things that they have to do and follow.

We’re the ones with an acute situation now; after all, I’m going to rent a house for a year that will be vacant for at least 3 months. I will think about what to do with this and would like to hear from you if you have ideas yourself.

Well, off to a good start again. It starts to rain here too, bugger.

Cheers, P.


Bom dia!

Well … I expected that.

The university people – and a lot with them – are very afraid of taking risks.

In the meantime, the story is getting a bit different, although the borders are open, but the limit has been reached. A large group of people are no longer able to support themselves, and a recession is looming. No idea, maybe “they” just print their way through it. Money is in the end something we invented and made ourselves! It’s just a pity that those impudent greedy types like Jeff Bazos take everything …

Those policymakers could use a master class in “looking at a problem in a nuanced way”. The C-risis has been treated well here, the least cases in Europe, and here in the Termas you don’t notice it at all. If you live in a metropolis, things are different. Duh.

But here in the outkirts there’s actually not much going on, except that you have a chat at a somewhat strange distance from each other.

Portugal is even the first to have an official “Safe Holiday Destination” vignette of the first and only official Safe Holiday Destinations Agency!


(Portugal is the first country who received the stamp #SafeTravels of the World travel & tourism Council, made to recognize governments and businesses who devote themselves to create protocols of security and hygiene.)

The only “risk” is the journey, but on the train the virus is apparently much more dangerous than on the plane

Covid apparently doesn’t like flying, because suddenly you can be stacked on top of each other again in a small, closed space. Although masked. It’s still a bit inconsistent here and there, and I think this is a completely exaggerated measure of the university.

Do you want to pass that on? They’ll probably be very impressed by that.

And where are the student protests?

Or are they all pampered right-wing woozies, only concerned with their credits?

I’ll throw it in my cap. I have to think about the future.

So for now it’ll be something like: from February (if the gods and the policymakers want it) for 3 months? Because then the start date will become important …

I’ll have to find other long-term tenants, perhaps …

well, for you it’ll end at the end of August. And then see when we’re free to go again.

Sunny greetings, L.


Hold your horses! I didn’t say that. We have a kitchen agreement and since I’m a real solid old-fashioned Flemish boy, I stick to that. After all, I’ll be staying this summer until the end of October and I have to sleep somewhere, right? Saves me renting an extra room.

Student protests are outdated. Most of the students I speak online think it’s a good situation. Nowadays they all prefer to work and live alone; they’re used to that.

Regards, P.

The kitchen agreement is a reference to where we have reached an agreement after tough negotiations (“Do you have a house free?” “Yes!” “Can I rent for a longer period?” “Sure!” “How much?” “So much.” “Fine. ” “Done!”).

P. is the supervisor of the interns of forensic studies in Holland, who searches for the internships and guides the students.

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