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Messy week with football

It was a tough choice this week – which topic should I choose? All sorts of things happened, and you can’t throw everything in there. Nobody understands that anymore. And also: is it all interesting? Difficult, difficult …

It’s great that another cactus has beautiful flowers again,

but is that interesting enough to mention? What then – the football championship? Hmm, let’s not talk about that anymore. That is now a bit of a pain point for both the portuguese and the dutch.

Or the fact that the ants at the entrance to the bathhouse are finally gone? (A dozen times there was a huge hump of ants-with-wings sitting on top of each other in a corner—apparently discussing where to go.)

Since I am not very good at making choices, it is a matter of combining very well. I learned that a long time ago – especially here. If you come up with something on one side of the village that you have to do on the other side, you’re just busy walking back and forth.

Then combining is the key word, otherwise you just walk back and forth

That’s done, I mean the combining. Doors and a human have been brought together, ducks and widows, and chickens and eggs. A new energy provider and us, plus solar panels. (That remains for next time!)

Good feeling, all those combinations. See for yourself:

4 male ducks +
3 widows =
ex-volunteer volunteering again to make some wardrobe doors