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Chicken fever and the 3 widows

“Well, if we’d known, we could have brought a chick from the market in Montemor!” one widow answers, and the other nods compassionately, “but you can also give her a bath, and she will cool down. They have a fever, isn’t it, it’s a fever … ”

I already thought that the widows knew a lot about chickens, including broody chickens

They’ve been coming for a while. Tired of the busy life near Monte Redondo, they look for the peace and quiet of the countryside. Nostalgia. They spent their youth in the countryside. Three widows, each with their own special history, which I hear very briefly from the widow who always comes to make a reservation.

the 3 widows and our dog

It’s a nice group of Portuguese women. The three of them could write a history book. I find it difficult to estimate how old they are but I suspect they are around 70.

I thought they knew a lot about chickens

How do I know? The last time they discussed when they would come by, I heard one of them say: “No, tomorrow is not possible, because then we’ll slaughter the chickens.”

Many Portuguese living in the rural areas still have a vegetable garden and chickens

I have faith in their advice, so there went mommy chicken. All her aspirations in the bucket … We don’t have a rooster, so that would never work with those eggs anyway. I had already asked on the market for a chick but they were all too big.

chicken in the bucket to cool her off

Beijinhos from Carolina, Klazina, Catharina and Christina!

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