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Moving from one appartment to the other holidayhouse

“What? You’re going tomorrow?” I am confused for a moment, surprised, because: “I thought the day after … ” and then happily: “Maybe you were going to move back to appartment Two, I thought … that is still 3 days free … ”

Opi laughs. “Yes, that would be nice. Then we would have ended where we started.”

Opi is a sweet grandmother. This is evident from her name. I do not think that non-sweet grandmothers are called “Opi”. Her two grandsons are clearly very fond of her.


Mother Ann was late with reservations. I had one week in Two free, and a few days in rooms and houses

After receiving so many years of emails and guests, you get a little feeling for how the people behind the mail are. This mail gives me a nice feeling, cheerful and loose. Especially if there’s another one right behind it with only one sentence: “I just had a lot of fun reading your blog with the description of your target group!”

I think that’s very nice to read, so I sent an e-mail with that message: “Thank you so much, I appreciate it that you send that – after all, I have no idea who our blog actually reads!”

Later, during relocation number 3, when they staid in the simple rooms in the bathhouse, and they had no kitchen of their own, but were allowed to use our kitchen, she came back to the subject and said: “That blog about the winers who count the threads in the sheets … hilarious! So then I was like: We will stay there! That must be a nice place! And of course it is not that far from Coimbra where my brother lives.”

Moving four times, from appartment to holidayhouse to rooms, in two weeks is quite a lot, but if you are as flexible as they are, it’s fine, and it’s an adventure every time

“We love to stay here, so here we go again,” Ann says cheerfully, and I am very happy with it. I’m happy if nice guests want to stay, I have no objection.

And it is fun! Our dog fell in love with them head over heels. Donkeydog is on their terrace, and always moved along with them. It was clear who her favorite was …

Ann even got her a special pill against ticks and fleas. She doesn’t have any flees, but ticks know where to find her.


Ann had taken them specially for stray dogs, if she would encounter them. She works in a company that makes and sells those new pills, and they work fantastically! Fortunately there are not so many stray dogs anymore – the Portuguese also learn to treat their animals better.

Donkeydog went directly to the Bravecto pill

I got an extra pill for October. It works for months. Well, she’s certainly going to get that, because I haven’t seen any tick anywhere anymore. You can just cuddle with her without those dirty animals getting in the way. Very pleasant!

Everyone has done so. I mean the cuddling. That dog is cuddled like crazy. Lucky for her, other candidates have arrived, otherwise she’d have toughen up.


They’re going back home, the final move. We’re staying here, with good memories – and a pill!