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The fly who loved me

I can’t help it, when I’m cleaning a closet, and I see traces of fly droppings at the bottom, I think: “Oh gosh, that was one with a fear of heights.” There were seven brothers and sisters at the bottom to urge her: “Come on, you can do it! No! Don’t look down, it’ll work, […]

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Completely out of hand

I can’t help it. No really. Seriously. It just goes like that It starts with an innocent mosaic somewhere on a wall. And I didn’t even make it myself, it was a wonderful initiative from the “Family Preto”. Well done. Useful too. Everyone can see how it’s called here.   In the winter it gets

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Lost volunteer

“There were a lot of winding roads, with beautiful views!” says the mother of Ylva radiantly, and Ylva herself translates: “We were lost. The GPS said we were already there, but we were not. And I didn’t recognize it anymore, close to here … how do you say that again … Pudrògauwng? ” “Very well,

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