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To camp in a caravan in the fall

Every year we have to wait and see when autumn will come. Will it be early October or late? It’s also happened that they forgot – we were still wearing just a T-shirt in November.

This year is clearly very different. The fall fell the day before yesterday

That’s crazy early, and it just keeps on pouring intermittently. I don’t really understand why it has to rain so randomly on this planet. Rain is always welcome, but always annoying. You get wet. Autumn will of course come with rain and wind. Exactly on the day that the caravan of new guests would arrive. They arrived in the pouring rain.

It was quite exciting, because it is a huge caravan, and it had been on a site with befriended Belgians near Gouveia for years. On the other side of the country, in the Serra da Estrela – beautiful area.

They stood there nicely on a campsite, which became less and less camping because the owners had become a bit too old. They are going to sell. And that’s why Marco and Rita had to find another place.

They came across our campground

We met last Wednesday, after emailing back and forth. Last Wednesday the summer was in full swing. Two days later the caravan would be transported. And then suddenly it was autumn.

Too bad, because they only have a 2 week holiday. Fortunately, it’s a huge caravan, they have the campsite to themselves, they can leave everything in the toilet building, and they can also use the big room – a sala de convívio – in the bathhouse.

For the time being, the weather forecasts are not so good. So, it’s going to be camping in the caravan, not so much outside.

If it goes on like this, our new guests will be happy to return to sunny Belgium!

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